am I dreaming?

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so I was in Orange County last night(big surprise huh?)…..
filled up and this is what it cost me. (the m5 and most of my cars have small gas tanks, annoying) In the past 4 years, I have spent an average of $800 to $1,000 a month on fuel and I haven’t owned a 6 cylinder car in a very long time. so this is a fresh breath of air.

p.s. I don’t wanna put your names on blast…. but CHILL on the comments! I write about what I want to share on here, sometimes, I’m overwhelmed and I can’t hide things and I put it out there, sometimes I respect certain peoples privacy. “Am I single?” in short… single as a dollar bill. “Am I married?” truth? NO. the best one is “did she dump you?” HUH? HELL NO! whoooo?? lol. y’all better check my dmv records for H&R’s. cmon

p.s.s. a girl recently said this to me: “women can fake orgasms…. but men can fake entire relationships!” I said, WHOA! lol.

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