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man, people who read my blog, sometimes don’t read. I have a lot of asian(europe, etc who don’t read english) fans and lurkers who ONLY look at pictures, so they don’t read or can’t translate my slang/jargon into their languages or can’t decipher my wittiness when I’m just fucking around. So many people have me confused to be a billionaire.

I worked hard for everything I got. I don’t know if I even really broke down who I am and how I got here, so for those who haven’t read my story, click here: WHO IS BEN BALLER? aka K-Town

now, because you see me pushin flossy whips, don’t mean I’m rich. I live a good life, I’m still feelin the recession, I’m just adjusting my outlook and vision and I’ll always grind and strive for the best.
I’ve also let go of a lot of things that I thought meant a lot to me, but don’t. Understand this, I’ve always loved cars since I was a child and obviously waaay before I had a license…. so some may get me fucked up and confused like hold up, how does this cat have all these cars? well in 2004 to 2006, that was a big side hustle, but also slash hobby. that doesn’t mean I’m rich. It also doesn’t mean I’m broke. yes I’m very proud of those billionaires who like to drive prius’s and shit, but good for them, fuck that, that’s not me, just isn’t. sorry…..

(a little car history)
Since I was a child watching cannonball run and going to Concour de Elegance in newport beach, CA and Pebble Beach…. I’ve just been a huge fan of cars, even american muscle being in love with the Trans AM from Smokey the Bandit and that turbo 6.6 liter one from Blue Thunder….

My 1st ever car was a 1989 Honda Accord and I was such a fuck up, my mom took it away and I didn’t have a car (had a couple motorcycles) until 1992, I got a 1992 Honda Prelude… then from that, the car got stolen, I had no car for almost 5 months in LA trying to grind! I copped a 1964 chevy impala trying to think that was the “cool” car to push, but realizing that I couldn’t afford to restore the car since it was a lemon and I got duped into buying it, so I had to save some cheese and finally got myself a high mileage 1990 nissan maxima this was in 1994. I drove that piece of shit for a year or so, then when I started to make some cheese, I got a 1995 Lexus GS300 and that shit was PIFF! it was the time we had just signed Jay-Z to the label and he copped one too, but Jigga got the touring edition…. from there later I copped a 1996 Yukon on rims…. shit was that whip to push then! I was just also building my credit up…. I got rid of the Yukon in 1997 and the GS300 in 1997, then because Dr. Dre had got me an Expedition and I went to Century West BMW to get myself my first BMW M3. man I was fucking hyped…. from there, I pushed that for a while and suped it up at the infamous Dazz Motorsports, then later in 1999, I copped the new body style BMW 540i and had 19″s rims, kit and all that, shit was ill! In 2000 I copped the new escalade when it dropped and I was the first guy to be pushing 20″s on the truck, 310 plates, 7 TV’s, playstation, all that! from there, I got myself a new body 2001 GS400 and hooked that bitch up something silly! of course a few months later, I got myelf into my first for real pseudo rich guy yuppie car and got myself a 2001 Porsche 911 C4S and I was really pushin it, my note was more than my rent at the time and it was a totally unpractical car to drive…. so 2 months into that car, I unfortunately was rear ended by a 18 wheel truck and the P car was totalled. I waited for a while, was pushing the GS around and fell in love with the new style Harley Davidson F-150, so I jumped into that bitch and immediately threw some 23″s on it….. from there, it was pretty much history, I went nutso into upgrading and upgrading cars, so DJing was cool, sneaker slanging was cool, but I had to be able to maintain this crazy car lifestyle (which went haywire in 2004 and up) SO OBVIOUSLY, THE WAY I STARTED OUT AND KEPT UPGRADING TURNED INTO AN ADDICTION LIKE MY SNEAKERS, TOYS, GOLD, ETC…. except cars depreciate crazy!

going back to my side hustles….
my side hustle early was getting used exotics; current year exotics from Ferrari 360’s(the 430’s weren’t out yet) and lambos to big body Bentley’s and Rollys Royces from business men(you would think if they could sell and look over hundreds of millions of dollars of hedge funds they could easily manage a $5,000 a month car note smh) and from NBA cats who signed short term contracts then got cut… I’d meet these guys at the clubs, etc… was straight up like “yo nice car, what do you do for a living” bold faced and all and got nosey into cats business to almost prey on them, but better me with cash then them losing it to a bank and screwing up their credit….

well that hustle is long gone…. and I doubt i’ll see it again or even want to venture into that…

now, there are 2002 lambo murci’s goin for cheap. I even saw a 360 at the old lot I used to frequent for $55,000 and it was damn clean, but I wouldn’t cop…. who got money to buy anything right now really? even better what bank is giving loans right now to anyone? my old condo that I sold downtown used to have MULTIPLE MILLION DOLLAR LISTINGS, now there’s units in there goin for $285,000 and still not at full occupancy.

it’s a bad time right now.
2004 to 2007 was clowning times, now I’m just layin in the cut, slanging gold and stuff. collecting checks from my endorsements and watching from the sidelines.
I went from 4 whips to 1 new and my 64 el camino…. went from 2 motorcycles at all times to none.
from 2 cribs and a jumpoff spot to my small ass condo now which I’m happy to live in

I’m not rich. my money all pretty much goes into my business and gold. I’m liquid, but I’m not rich.

I just don’t have to buy clothes and stuff and I don’t eat out as much as I used to and I’m not gonna drop $28,000 at a nightclub anymore. I’m a old ass man now. I don’t even care. I travel a few times a month and stay in my hotel room if I’m not in a meeting and only reason why I’m flying is because I don’t want to waste the money paying some guy or girl to do my job when they can’t do what I do and risk screwing up the deal.

meanwhile, I try to keep my overhead real real low….. in 2006-2007, my overhead was at least $25,000 to $30,000 a month before I could eat a hamburger. now it’s down to 60% less. HOA fees, property taxes, all type of shit pulls up when you are a grown up.

I’d say I was middle/almost upper class for LA. In Hollywood/Beverly Hills with the right tools, it was easy to make 2-3 million here, but it’s just harder than hell to keep those mills.
I just like the fact that I can eat well, drive a nice whip and chill out lookin at many flat screens. that’s how simple my long face is….. but I still worry day to day.

The problem now is these street cats or people who want that lifestyle so bad, they are out there copping high mileage used ferrari’s and bentleys with no warranty and no realizing what the maintenance and upkeep is for these type of cars…. even if that 360 is cheap now, the maintaining it in a bad weather area is a nightmare, I’ve even seen cats with F430’s try to get an oil change at a specialty shop that THOUGHT they knew what they were doing and the engine blew, literally blew up from an idiot who thought he could change the oil and didn’t know how to. there’s no service on maserati’s, lambos and ferrari’s or even porsche, you have to pay for service. I just do 2 year leases and get in and out of my whips with like $1,800 down or whatever the drive off is and keep the excess cash in my pocket. cars are horrible right now. I got my 2010 750Li with every single option possible for $25,000 under invoice. even though it was a lease, they discounted the car insane cheap. my dealer used to sell at least a 1,000 whips a month, they’re grateful if they break 100 a month now.

anyways, people don’t read unless theirs tons of pics of my blog, although I get tons of traffic, they don’t see me help out the poor on skid row, feed them during the holidays, I just sent out TONS OF BOXES OF VERY NICE CLOTHES AND BLANKETS TO THE VICTIMS OF HAITI… they don’t know about how much effort I put into my loved ones charities when I’m approached properly to do that. (RIP Allon aka s0lerebel)

f.y.i. most rappers ain’t ballin, a lot of them definitely front and jason of bh or any reputable jeweler who deals with them on a regular will tell you who got it and who don’t. I can’t stand to chase down a rapper for $10k or $25k. yes there are celebs who owe me money now and I was built differently, so I don’t play that take you to court or call the police shit, let’s handle this like men, or I guess my last resort is to really keep it business and resort to lawsuits which is sad….

not to sound salty, but my parents came here with like $200. the typical asian immigrant story, my mom got a bakery now and still is working and she’s 66 years old. my pops has been a professor for over 30 years and never made more than $30,000 a year being almost a dean at UCLA… I grew up around some cats who’s family we’re heavily paper’d up, so I learned from some of them, some of them were so damn foolish, they lost their parents money. I’m not against inheritance, but I don’t respect a cat who’s parents got paper and they didn’t help them make a cent of that cheese, but want to spend it and floss it more than they do.

I built my brand from scratch, sure there was an existing business that was doing well. I came in and said this is cool, but I want a piece and in fact, inside a year, I want to start our own booth and get it poppin with this Icee Fresh name, totally separate. If we don’t make a sale, I make no money. I don’t take a set salary…. I went crazy hitting everyone up I knew the first month…. my cousins never thought we would do million dollar months in sales, they shit in their pants when they saw $100k months. I have hit million dollar sales month myself several times in 2006 to 2007. in less than 2 years, we did over 100 magazines, television and tons of media without a $20,000 a month retainer from a publicist like most of these brands do. I WAS THE PUBLICIST, I WAS THE MARKETING, I WAS THE SALESMAN. I did it literally grass roots. BUT Y’ALL DON’T GET IS at least 80% of that bread came from slanging kix and building some relationships early on in the streetwear game off you forget that brands like the Hundreds and so many others spawned from there?

now this is an issue I want to let cats know who want to ball out in the streets(no not in a magnum or 300c or donk on 26″)
the biggest problem is this and I want to share it with you guys who dream to drive a nice car or exotic car(BTW, it doesn’t matter if you OWN or LEASE a car, nobody cares anymore, it’s like saying “who cares if you smashed megan fox, you don’t go with her or she’s not your wifey” ummm SHUT YO SIMPLE AZZZ UP! at the end of the day. he/you/they beat the skins up! If u whippin a rari around daily for a year, put gas in it and wash it, nobody cares if the bank owns it or even if you’re taking the note over from a friend, you pushin it! feel me? FRONTING WOULD BE IF YOU BORROWED IT 3X IN A YEAR OR USED IT IN A YOUTUBE VIDEO TO PERPETRATE A FRAUD. but then again, I let my homiez push my whips if they want to get some pussy…. again, if you pushin a whip and get pulled over by the police, they don’t care who owns the car as long as it wasn’t stolen, you are GETTING A CITATION in that car and will have to go to court for that car.
if the price is RIGHT when it was that time that people were buying and the economy was good, I was coppin the whips with EXCESS cash, still not using it to rely on that hustle solely to get rich or anything. Leasing whips for my daily driving has always been the smart economical move. down payment, monthly payment, insurance and then you handle the nightmare and pay for the depreciation while I hop into a new whip later. I don’t want to own a 7 series bmw or CL class benz after 2 years, I just don’t. )

anyways, the absolute biggest issue is once you actually have a nice car, whether it be $85,000 in value or $500,000 compared to whatever you upgraded from, once you truly notice the significant difference in the build, electronics/cpu, motor, overall smoothness, it’s damn near impossible to go back to driving a lesser valued vehicle.

I’m not speaking on an escalade(even though I can’t get myself to cop one again…. once you push a rover, it’s just hard to go to a lade, THEY ARE GREAT, but not for me. it’s a stupid mental game that is embedded in my brain now literally) because lots of rich folks drive escalades.

but when you’ve grown accustomed to pushing Bentley’s and Maybachs and Bully’s and Rover SC’s…. it’s a hard transition to go to a LS460 or GT-R or Corvette or normal SUV.

I love the world and I would love to see baby ben’s and my family grow up in a better place, but I’m not pushin a hybrid. some people just don’t care, they are big house or yacht or vacation type of people. I AM NOT THEM. I have always been a car guy since way before I had a license. I love nice cars. So if its the demise of me, I’m fully aware of my actions as a grown man. But some of these prius driving celebs and rich folk in my neighborhood seem like they’re trying to hard with that bullshit faux eco lifestyle. pushin a prius and wearing chanel and cartier and SMOKING CIGARETTES! F that. I’ve driven a prius, not that cool. but it will definitely be easy on your gas tank and paper and will definitely get you from point A to point B.

I’m just a regular dude who still likes to eat mcrib’s, spam and rice with gochujang and I’m mostly a homebody unless I’m working. I strive for more in life, but not so that I can attain wealth or chase materialistic shit outside my hobby of loving cars. I don’t care that much, I like to look at it, but if it aint a bearbrick then who cares. I’m happy, but bored….. next chess move is being thought out carefully now.

p.s. for pics of my whips, past garage photos click here:
and it was even more vicious then that, some pics not even shown up….

overall, yes I’m jaded when it comes to cars, I understand this!

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