“AJUSSHI” and CGV Cinemas Koreatown!

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I know, I know… another K-Town pride blog entry…. but you know what? It’s my fucking blog….
anyways, if you remember months ago I was invited by the owner of the new Ma-Dang plaza (my mom and her went to HS together)…. but I didn’t go inside to check out the theater…. I honestly disregarded it because I was retarded….

now for anyone who’s up on Korean Films knows how serious their hits films are…. they’re so large that they get huge cult followings around the world. I have so many favorite movies, but Old Boy, Chingu and Tae Guk Ki are up in my tops and all 3 are korean films… but in the last 5 years or so I haven’t really seen anything that caught my eye crazy and I’m not into K-Dramas etc….

I heard from not 1 or 3, but like 11 korean friends of mine about “Ajusshi” and how sick this shit was and it was the same director as Old Boy, I was game…. when I heard it was only playing at the CGV, I was hyped cuz it was going to give me a chance to check out that theater…. after realizing how things are with koreans and shit…. I know they would have 1. a very very clean theater, 2. nice cafe inside and 3. the latest technology with the screen and obviously 4. nice seats!

so all the above were checked off….
but MAN, WHEN THE MOVIE ACTUALLY STARTED (EVEN THE PREVIEWS) I don’t know if they’re on a DLP screen or what type of digital feed they have…. but WOW! THAT SHIT WAS LIKE 1,000,000p in resolution…. shit was laser beam sharp.

as for the movie? awesome…. there was a real plot, a story…. not too much love, but there were love interests and love between a man and a child…. there was a shit load of action…. a lot of cool ass cinematography and there’s always that funny ass guy (the DEA inspectors partner)…. oh and of course, the most famous star in korea starring in the film…. Won Bin who is a pretty boy motherfucker, but held it down like a true G in this movie! I mean, he is a little too pretty smh…. he’s the brad pitt/leonardo dicaprio of korea but even more famous….

there’s a quote from the movie that I loved so much I remembered it

I WON’T RUIN THIS FILM FOR YOU, NO SPOILERS, GO SEE IT! over a million people in america have seen it already…. koreans love revenge plots…. and I love revenge (horrible huh?)
just go see this shit….

they have normal seats for $11 and premium (couples seating) for $14.50 and there is a service charge if you cop online…. but worth it. I could honestly sit anywhere, had I known, I might even have sat in the regular seats…
I took my girl and the little young guns @upnorthtrip and @domoremedia
we blazed a J in the parking lot and then walked into the new flyest movie theater in LA

(click on pics to enlarge) yup another blackberry picture blog!


now this picture sucks…. BUT THESE SEATS DON’T! they’re paired off in 2’s and called “couples seating” and man, 1 word = PLUSH!

gotta be Haribou or nothing at all when it comes to official gummy joints… I remember my 1st time in Europe and being sprung on Haribou in 1981!!! you can’t fuck with classic!


they have 4 theaters total and I think only 1 or 2 plays normal american movies (megamind, basically hit flicks)

the cafe is crazy…. everything from a baguette to latte to mad different flavors of ice cream, sorbet…. juices and all types of shit you can’t get at the Grove or the Arclight…..
and then they have the official concession stand with all that you could want and more…. they had kettle caramel corn popping in their machines!

I can’t wait to peep more films there and I’m gonna have to see Ajusshi one more gain!

when I got home….

didn’t have to wait in line or even pay for the PRESTIGE edition of COD Black Ops

but WARNING: smoking weed and then playing this will ruin your relationship if you have one…. you could fuck around and play this for 16 hours easy! did you read that? 16 hours!

earlier in the day I got a text from my boy (named anonymous) who asked me…. “have you ever tried drinking syrup?” I said… “are you kidding me? is this a joke for real?” now you all know my past and reputation with the texas tea aka drank aka purp aka szzurpp…. so I was like hold up? this shit ain’t no joke and too much of it will fuck off your system…. so then he said “NOOOOO FOOOOL” I meant this

you know I have to try this shit now right? hahhaahaha, so this is the total opposite of an energy drink as it has melatonin in it! I’m gonna cop a few bottles and see what’s the business with it….
right as I was reading these texts… the guy at Johnny Rockets handed me this

no homo….

and on that note I’m outro

much love
have a great wednesday!
take care

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