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So as I mentioned the other day…. I got 5 boxes from my bro and fam @ L-R-G so I can get 2009 started off proper! so since I’ve been mad busy with photoshoots and filming stuff for the past few days, I got a chance to sort out some of the gear…. I’ll get into much more detail on whats good with the Lifted Research Group soon, maybe this weekend, SO STAY TUNED!!!! I’m pretty simple when it comes to the gear, but I love the Grass Roots Collection each year that L-R-G puts out and this year, they CAME HARDBODY WITH all the joints I love! they got henley’s, wife beaters, socks, boxers, boxer briefs, tons of different hoodys, track suits, sweat suits, swim trunks and they even have an all season edition GR leather jacket in 4 different colors!!!!! of course I had to get all 4! btw, I used to be a 2xl, 38 in all L-R-G and now I’m a medium, 34(could rock a 32 if I wanted to, but I gotta keep it G and sag). I’mma rep hard all year and show y’all some key pieces, but these simple 1 color button down wovens are the business!!!
this is what my living room looks like right now for the past 2 days! btw I got literally 2 more boxes I need to unload still! jesus. MAD LOVE Y’ALL!

thanks again Jesse and Shea!

p.s. Mobius is an official L-R-G retailer

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