about catch 22’s….

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I’m a very lucky man…. I left it in god’s hands and there is a reason why he is Divine! so today I’m back working on a few new pieces. JUS SKE, I got you! don’t trip! don’t even worry! Lydia, I got you! everyone else, I got you! Money Makin Matt, Clark Kent, holla at your folks when you ready to get right, you I got that “work” so let’s get it in!

I got a new camera today, new memory card. I’m amped. a few road bumps, a few obstacles needed to be negotiated and they were. Man, I’m so glad there is a gym in my building now…. I can get my cardio at 3am if I want to.

even rambling… you can hear me ramble all day on twitter.

LAKERS BITCH. and nobody wants to see a Orlando Magic vs. Denver Nuggets finals. NOBODY. not even an Orlando vs. Lakers series…. Lebron, live up to the hype.

peace, god bless

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