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Fresh off a plane and back home, I cannot believe it. Just when I thought I had met the dumbest woman ever in life, that person became even dumber. I almost feel sorry for your offense or defense that is so weak that you’re burying yourself. Whoever is playing quarterback or Coach should be fired asap! You will be defeated completely and there is no escape, You actually have given me much more ammunition then I already had or needed. It’s too good to be true actually. Can you be that dense? amazing. Was this my x-mas gift? Thank You.

Well… GAME OVER. even better, the TRIFECTA will be complete. Stay tuned…. real soon.

last laugh… I love getting that.

you should change your email address to for the most asinine, sophomoric act that I’ve seen in a long time.

have you ever seen the movie “TRAINING DAY” well do you remember the scene towards the end of the movie where Ethan Hawke aka officer Hoyt is left at the Ese’s crib? the latino gangbangers… and they’re all playing poker? remember when Hoyt shows his hand and he has 3 of a kind and then the gangbanger with the bandana screams out “OH YEH? I GOT 2 PAIRS! I GOT 2 PAIRS! I GOT 2 PAIRS!!!!!” but then realizes from his homey’s that 3 of a kind beats 2 pairs? well that’s the kind of intelligence I’m dealing with at the moment, except I’m holding 4 aces (not royal flush, but still an amazing hand) and I’m ALL IN… what do you have? queen high? smh but lol too. sad man. so sad.

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