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my evening was nice and cool….
but my day? fawwkkk!

started out at 9am after washing my ass…. I tivo’d apolo’s appearance on the today show with Al Roker etc…
Apolo sent me his work itinerary for this week and I got anxiety for him and me…. FUCK THAT! but he’s gotta promote his new book: NO REGRETS! he doesn’t regret ever getting into a van with me either lol. JK! anyways…. He was also on a few others shows, but he was on one of my favorite shows “The Colbert Report” … man that Stephen is a sharp son of a dick for real….. anyone who can show up Bill O’Reilly is the man to me… Apolo didn’t rep the tags on Colbert’s show, but he did have on the black gold PVD bracelet

Apolo repping that work!

No Regrets for wearing spandex lol…. Colbert, how you gonna do my boy like that?

The dog tags made the NO REGRETS book cover…. but they had to blur out the Olympic rings due to some legal issues and I don’t need to get the press that bad…. I just know how proud Apolo is to wear those rings, he earned them and the work that took to get there? fawwwwk.

good luck lil bro and i’ll see you this weekend, thank you for your support, I always got your back homey!

so anyways, then rushed down to the Slauson to Icee Fresh and had a television meeting….
chopped it up and got back into serious grind mode.

sold a nice heavy 14k miami cuban link ….


the classic shit never fails even though I’ve always been a franco kinda guy

anddd thennnnn

a customer drew up a “M” that he liked, literally on plain bond paper and then we transformed it into a reality…


it’s actually the perfect size and solid and heavy!
just add the franco and he’s G.O.O.D. lol

around lunch time I did a ustream chat live from the store… much love to everyone who tuned in… I got to clowning a bit and showed off some shit…. its been a long time since I did a chat from the store…. we got a lotta work to do and I got some xmas gift projects already stressing me out…..

copped a watch from a customer who owed us some $$$ and we were gonna ice it the hell out, but I think I rather sell it!
Cartier Ballon Bleu in 18k Rose Gold


I blurred out the serial # obviously…..
its the medium sized mens/unisex 36mm casing and it’s all good ready to be on your wrist for a low low price.
you know the drill….

So I left the slauson around 2:45 and shot straight up Western all the way to K-Town for a short interview and to check up on my moms…. I got my mom’s a nice new rolex lady’s midsize(31mm) president with a little bit of Ice on it…. she lost her watch by doing some shit I have done before… and someone else came up smh… I still have the receipt to her OG president that was like $13,000 she copped for an anniversary gift in 1988 smfh, anyways, she was ecstatic and that set my mood way way right!
(where’s the pic? didn’t get to take one)

spit game for a sec to my hankook peoples for korean TV…. and had to run out to ship out some jewelry and always make sure the insurance is right on right on….

After I shipped the jewels out, I picked up my mail and I had a gang of shit chillin…. kicks, tees, bills, invites (awww yeahhhh! I wasn’t gonna do shit for Halloween, but it looks like I’m going to Paris and Nicky Hilton’s Halloween House party) and best yet…. I got a nice box from GoodWood NYC


yes, those are IF and Co….. super exclusives… I love the pins, I rock them shits on a daily!
I’m gonna do a few jesus piece IF and Co x Good Wood NYC giveaways very soon… stay tuned.
thank you Kerri!

and then I shot up right inline to the direction I needed to be in…. where all the money is haha; I went to the filthy KR3W offices to grab some other shoes that were waiting for me and to put in my holiday Supra/KR3W order in! I LOVE YOU JOY! and Angel, me and you gonna fight someday . . . . So after chopping it up with Angel and him always talking shit (Angel reminds me of Proximo from the gladiator) there’s a lot of fresh shit coming, so just go to Supra Footwear’s website and peep their blog
and then peep out the illest Vaiders released this year!


I’m rocking low top Assaults right now heavy and more slim cut shoes… but these frayed Denim Vaiders gotta be in my closet!

sooooo then I had to shake to meet up with my girl who was using her bro’s truck so we could get this furniture I ordered from Crate & Barrel…. and the shit was fucking heavy as hell! but I like Crate & Barrel because they’re shit isn’t frail like Ikea’s furniture and their prices aren’t cheap at all. but it’s all good… it’s worth it. when I get my paper back to 2006/2007 status, I’ll cop a few things from Diva ^_^

got the shit and carried the heavy ass boxes off the truck bed and onto my skateboard…. there wasn’t any assembling required, but damn what a pain in the ass it was to take out all the packaging.

but it’s all good because this completes 85% of my 2nd bedroom. The new Shelving units have a nice basic but futuristic look to it, when most of crate and barrels furniture is pretty homey or semi contemporary…. all I need is my homey REX to send me my LED flatscreen and it’s bout to be plasmania in my crib again! flat screen goin in the bathroom like Homicide’s crib!

later, met up with the homey Cody at the grove to give him his newly refinished G-Shock and It was hard not to walk into the apple store and cop that new 11″ macbook air….


another day of grinding.

I have to meet up with someone I hate… Mr. McRib jr aka gaylord DJ Stonerokk, 1/2 of the Captains of the Industry and 1/4000000th of west hollywood’s homo circle.
Michael Stone is copping a gold chain lol….

and then I gotta finesse my halloween costume and mad other shit… oh yeeeee! my murakami pillow is arriving I think?

p.s. to my friends…. remind me to buy some lottery tickets please so I can sit at home and do nothing at all!

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