A Religulous Cross

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before anyone says some dumb ass shit about being a satan worshiper or anything satanic related…. do some research. for the most part when it comes to religion, I’m pretty much neutral…. growing up christian not by choice but by family…. then half my family being jewish and my mother converted to buddism in the early 90’s…. I just believe that there is some sort of 1 god up there, BUT shit ain’t that deep to me. i’ve read the bible several times and it’s a good book. but the shit is fiction. period.
have any of you seen the movie religulous? GO SEE IT! great movie and thanks to my boy Mr Cartoon for putting me up on it.

NOW. back to the petrine cross or the upside down cross…. the origin of this symbol comes from the catholic tradition that St Peter was crucified upside down…. St. Peter requested to be crucified this way because he felt he was not worthy enough to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus died.

so anyways…. when my customer requested a sick cross to go with his nice cuban…. I said, fuck it, let’s go hardbody in every sense! we sure did…..

over 10 carats of VS diamonds and we set them everywhere possible except for the back of the cross…. we didn’t have a bail, we made a bail inside and going through the top part of the cross as shown in the pics below and we again flooded this bitch so deep that Noah would need his Ark for real.
enough with the words…. peep game


we made this in solid 14k yellow gold and man…. this joint is mean! and only a person who really knows who he is would rock something like this…. just off the few convo’s I’ve had with him over the phone, I knew right away, I liked dude….. this will stir up some shit on the internet, but again, only ignorant ones will make a fuss.

I think it looks sick! and the execution of course is top notch.
thanks for the biz and thanks for the open minded trust in us!

got something slick to say to me?

deal with that fist and his 40 cal (thats 1 of our 8 security guards)

now, since we’re on some religious type shit, we got a few other joints that were made after the xmas rush (but we’re still busy as hell) and of course they’re jesus pieces….
we just finished this and it’s already with his owner as we speak fresh off the fed ex truck…..


we made this Jesus piece in 14k yellow gold with white diamonds and this time we dipped it a darker yellow gold to match the owners new Rolex Day Date II president. it also weighs more than our usual pieces…..

and speaking of doing a jesus pieces different, we got a customer from detroit who ordered a baby jesus piece, but we made it slightly different, we did it in yellow gold and he wanted all yellow diamonds, except for on the thorns and eyes…. for that we used white diamonds and this combo came out sick!

we put white rhodium on the thorns to make the white pop out more and damn that shit looks really swag….

we got that kufi jesus coming very soon….. and I’m breaking it out for the new year!
stay tuned. stay fresh

I’m running late on my xmas blog, but I had to handle business first before I put up some lifestyle shit….. I will post the xmas and last weeks activities blog up tomorrow, I have the pics, it just takes time for me to write… this ain’t some tumblr bullshit


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