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we make buddha bracelets and buddha charms/pendants…. stay making crosses and jesus pieces, haven’t done anything muslim related yet, but doesn’t mean we won’t once its requested. but Hanukkah is coming soon, so we made some micro Star of David’s for some folks who might be interested


we made them in white and yellow gold, white diamonds only. french pave’ (prong set) so this type of pave’ costs a little bit more, but it looks that much nicer, these are actually terrible pics because they look so much cleaner in person.

and this is what it looks like on my neck…. with the micro jesus piece

the prices right now are RIGHT….. so inquire at the info email to get right.

I may do a black friday sale, I haven’t figured out what just yet, but I think it’s going down.

Friday night, I went to take Nic to see Twilight “Breaking Dawn” and damn, shit was sold out of over 42 showings until I finally gave in and watched it at 11:15pm. man I went to mainly support my lil homey Justin who’s in the movie, but equally to take my babes there because she likes it. But that shit was awful. I think Harold and Kumar was better than that shit. and I hate to say that. but all good.

the christmas tree is in full effect at the grove and damn, last time I took a pic of this tree was when I was with Jonas and his son…. fucks me up and I still choke up about it often

but I can’t believe it’s about to be xmas already again! damn, time flies by. and when you get older, the years go by faster and faster, I never understood that when I heard it at age 20, but then at 27, I realized what my boy was saying…. damn

grinding…. starting up some pieces, then headed up to meet Bieber and Sean Kingston at the AMA rehearsals and shit. I gave him some jewels to rock if needed and just let him hold some stuff period because the kid is a good look period.

chopped it up with JB for a sec about random shit…. he’s 1 grown ass teenager.
said what up to Alfredo and Selena for a second then chopped it up with some of my fam on the red carpet rehearsals

we’re planning on moving into a new home very soon…..
the neighborhood we are looking has a very nice view.


like I said, I love a city view….. love this neighborhood too

after that, I met up with a client

then I got some dinner with the family

then I got to rack city bitch!

haha, that’s $400 in pennies off 1 spin! came up total like over $600

and then me and Nic headed out to a close friends daughters sweet 16 in glendale

I get there with no expectations but hanging out with some Filipino’s and a lot of drinking and some hip hop….
I’m like wtf? Nic don’t even know where I am and she’s posted up with her brother somewhere…. my boy Jovin who’s throwing the party for her step daughter pulls me to this side room and is like, YO I secretly hired Hodgy, I said Hodgy? Hodgy who? Sonic the Hedgehog? he said naw fool, Hodgy beats…. and I’m like FROM ODD FUTURE???
and yep, sure enough my lil homey Hodgy Beats from Wolf Gang was there with his crew and ready to surprise my boys girl for her sweet 16…..

she lost her damn mind! real shit, she went HAM

Hodgy, you’s a cool cat for doing this, you made this girls night beyond spectacular and she knew every lyric you spit! I had a good time….

after that, some of Nic’s friends and her brother headed out to this dive bar called the blue room, so we all went with and just caught up. real mellow #mellowhype #ofwgkta

it was pouring rain all over LA, floods and shit, the sky pissing on everyone’s parade, so I said fuck this, we’re staying in all day, period.

I watched my Raider Nation take 1st place in the west! 6-4 and we’re looking good!
ordered food in and chilled in bed

later in the day I met up with my homey Pusha T at his hotel and we had a good pep talk and chatted up everything from Jacob to Lorraine to VA hip hop scene to Go Go music to just a bunch of shit…. it was def a good meeting and I’m going to start a clean project for him this week!

watched the AMA’s and seen Sean Kingston repping HARD!

rocking the white gold 140 carat diamond franco…. 4 carat studs in each ear!

thank you Sean

so this week I have a regular week finally! nothing crazy busy, just a few things and then I get to get it in with my family for thanksgiving…. I’ll be at the opening of the Diamond Store on Black Friday (fyi If I do a black friday sale, it will be online and in the store as well)

gonna get up with my chicago fam who flew in town for no damn reason lol

peace y’all!

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