a night out with the OVO crew…. TAKE CARE

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that’s all you hear Drizzy say these days…. “TAKE CARE”
I haven’t seen my lil homey in a long time… and If I were single and didn’t have much going on in my life personally with family and so busy with work, then I’d say fuck it and literally jump out with my guy on some show dates, etc….

but it’s all good. I was glad to hang out with my Canadian homeys last night…. my boy 40 dragged me out the crib and it was worth it to catch up and etc etc….

started out with a phone call from 40 and he was supposed to be on my blog a month ago, but my pops had passed and I also changed contacts so fake cats couldn’t get a hold of me…. but he reached out yesterday early and said fuck it come out! I’d been pretty much stayin in as of late… and had not much desire to get out of the house outside work shit, real work shit…. well with the exception of halloween and the FM show this week.

so I hit 40 and drake’s telly and it’s on…. immediately LA kush blazing, All Access love and stories, etc from the whole crew. I wasn’t going to go and didn’t have to drive as their telly was right next to mine and the tour bus was parked right outside…. so I jumped on the tour bus with the OVO … YMCMB fam

seemed like Weezy being out of jail was the talk of the night obviously…. everyone pretty much is in Miami or out there with Wayne spending time seeing the boss homey. I love the coach that Drake and 40 got, their shit is very plush and I hate driving on long trips, but when you got big flat screens, dvds, beats, beds, food, bathroom… good company, it’s not that bad… trust me I’ve been on 3 tours and it sucked having lesser accommodations….


40 making billion dollar deals for the crew…

so we got the Gibson theater and it was crazy because 40 didn’t even realize that this was the same spot that Wayne had his headline tour and now about a year later Drake got a beyond sold out show at this huge venue….

get off the tour bus and head in and I see a lotta folks I know… I see the groupies, male groupies could be the worst ever! I see the opportunists and Tyga comes out to say what up to us…. I see the homey Nipsey Hussle and just a whole lot of people….. I saw diddy and it was his bday and they were supposed to go to his bday party, but we didn’t go. THANK GOD!

so we walk into the dressing room and there’s decent catering…. chicken drummetes, salad, snacks, refreshments…. all the liquor was on the bus and I killed the chicken and the sour gummy bears lol
40 said, “Lays chips! I bet you can’t have just 1” no shit…. I ate 50 at least smh

40 gets on the piano in the dressing room and gets his Beethoven on….. btw if you didn’t know 40 is a fucking genius with the music shit for real….

he’s still trippin on the fact that so much has happened in less than 2 years and it’s just crazy…. #goodlife
we all got there really late and drake had 8 minutes to get ready, they’re pretty strict about time and everything…. so we ran up to the backstage area to get on with the show…
Drake’s giving everyone pounds, shakes and hugs…. see’s me and yells out my government name “BENJAMIN YANG!!!!!!” damn…. son why you gotta blast out my govvy like that? “BECAUSE YOU GOT A BEAUTIFUL NAME MR YANG” lol…. so we got in a circle and drake said a prayer and it was showtime! AMEN

we all walked over to the front stage sound booth and peeped game


it’s crazy how much Drake’s show has changed since the summertime even… I mean it’s a next level production now with fireworks(literally) and show is 1000000x much tighter and sequences are next level and the fucking audience loves this kid…. I mean, I can’t believe how much crowd control he really has…. it’s fucking disgusting and insane… not even Kanye had it like this real talk AM radio…. EVERYTHING IS BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!! next to the next to the next! there was maybe 1 song I didn’t like….. in the middle of the show, Drake gave out a free blackberry tour…. Drake is sponsored by Blackberry… so it’s nothing to a G!

I went back to the dressing room to blaze a little more and get my munchies on…. was nice and quiet…. got recognized by some peeps, even security guards, but nothing was annoying thank god….
once the show was OVER on the song OVER literally…. me and the crew walked back to the VIP area and straight into the tour bus area… and the groupie shit began to the next NEXT level…. most of it was hilarious and after while, for some of these peeps, I was like damn, you’re 47 years old…. you’re really gonna wait out here from start (before we even got there, she knew where the bus was gonna be parked) to end when we finally left Universal Studios????? every color and creed were out by the bus…. asians, middle eastern, latinos, blacks, you name it….

I wanted to get back to the hotel, but I was at the drivers mercy… I shoulda just jumped out with J mack (drake’s barber) and got a ride with him back to the telly where my car was! fuck it…. I got to catch up with the homey’s…. I got to meet some cats I never met before like Boi1da who now lives here in LA and it was good to chat it up…. every single canadian or really OVO cat have the same accent! found out some funny inside story shit with 1 of the se…. #nevermind

everyone from YMCMB was rocking these tees…. so you know I had to gaffle one up!


was on the bus at this point listening to all the new music 40 was playing me from Drakes new album….. and other shit he was playing for Boi1da and shit is sounding GOOD!

lotta cats talking about Wayne and other things…. (lol, what I can’t blog is amazing to me sometimes…. but you know the drill)
Vegas is the next stop and now it’s not the last stop either…. they added 1 more show in Philly, so I got invited to roll out to Vegas, but I don’t know….. too crazed! but I may go, who knows….

Wayne HAS TO BE IN ARIZONA in 30min at 11am and has to be there Saturday at 11am too!
There is a chance he could jump on a private jet from Yuma to Vegas (25 min flight) and jump on that stage with Drake and get dumb…. hmmmmmm???? I won’t say anything else….

I walked off the bus and people are still acting a fool outside… smh…. walk onto the front of the bus and Jamie Foxx and Drizzy are chatting shit up, telling jokes etc….. then once Jamie leaves, it’s just homeys chillin….
I’m giving Niko and Future a hard time since they’re so rich and shit now lol…..
CJ cracked a joke about his great grandfather owns the Gibson theater (think hard)

and then Drake talking about the 1st time he walked into Icee Fresh at the Slauson and shit…. etc etc talked bout new jewelry…. the Ace of Spades chain… OH SHIT! I’M MAKING 40 A CHAIN FINALLY! hahaha!


I thought TV Johnny made this chain and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he did…. then I laughed after touching it… it was made out of knit and beddazzled jewels but the fake diamond chain is exactly how a lotta houston cats have their black diamond chains smh….

more jokes cracked…. and then the bus started up and we got on back to beverly hills… back to the hotel.

October’s Very Own, but I was born in January…. BUT I’ll take it!

I had a good night…
much love to 40, Drake, CJ, Niko, Future, Tony, Chubbs, James, J-Mack, Boi1da and if I forgot anyone else… then damn my bad…. Gonna get some work in and I got a lot of orders to fill up before xmas!


I mean… “TAKE CARE”

btw, this was another all blackberry blog, pics, etc

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