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now, this is gonna be in 2 parts because I took well over 100+ pics at the MOCA “Art in the Streets” show which was by far thee best art exhibit I’ve ever been to in my lifetime and I’ve been to all the majors…. yes even the Louvre museum in paris…. this shit was just overwhelming with how much history and dopeness all in 1 room and in my city… I mean it was rooted all from hip hop pretty much, so it wasn’t just art, but artforms derived from the streets like rap music….

so that will be up soon, I’m just beat from jumping on a plane from LAX to ORD to LAX and on this diet but still had my champagne fix!

this is gonna be an interesting blog, because most of these pics used were taken with my instagram filter off my iphone.

okay…. so friday I did the usual handled biz, then met up with a texas buddy of mine and his girl Tara at the Grove… it was one of their few times ever in LA and their first time at the Grove…. so I took them to The Farm of Beverly Hills for a brunch…. got it in with the healthy swag; egg white omelete….. shit was delicious and I had Tara get the vanilla iced latte’ which I couldn’t have which is so good, I’ll fight someone over it.

After that, I headed over to Platinum to wish my lil homey who ain’t even like a little homey even though I got 10 years on him…. George! a happy birthday! (lotta birthdays to people dear to me in my life)


his shop looked like a damn party store! this is just one view really….. the whole place had mad balloons…. so you know my boy G got mad love from a lotta folks….

he just remixed my whip for the 3rd time now and we went very EURO with the monoblock style wheels…. the front isn’t finished yet and I still have a rear trunk spoiler coming on very soon…. so i’ll give you sorta side shots after I dropped it with new suspension and the new gun metal powder coated wheels


never ever did I think I would go with a monoblock wheel or a matte gunmetal wheel, but I know cars… and George DEFINITELY knows cars and trends…. the black wheels is played out to him, so he’s been rocking this tougher….
i’ll post pics soon when it’s done, the front looks mean and clean though….

while I was there, my lil homey DJ Skee’s car was there and he tried to sneak up on me like he was some COD character tryin to murk me…..

me and him have both come a long way in this game…. lol… we used to steady push the same whips until we both didn’t really care anymore… his car isn’t done yet, but I know they’ll get him looking right

so after that, I headed into work to get a few things ready and had to grab some watches for my boys Far East Movement who were performing at the Billboard Awards on Sunday, it was also my boy Apolo’s bday on Sunday and he invited me and Nic to come out with him to Vegas, but I had already made a commitment to get it in with Sean Mac and my Chi-Town crew for his bday…..

Friday night I was dying to find a spot to eat that was a little different but good….. I hit twitter to see what I could find and I found this

smfh…. I later found out this guy is called “the terminal” and dresses up like this when he travels. smh

so finally after a suggestion from a local beverly hills cat who I trust…. DJ Politik tells me that this spot called South Beverly Grill is official…. it’s owned by Houstons and they take reservations! that’s the only thing that urks me about Houstons! well that and the fact you can’t wear a hat inside the restaurant. GTFOH

the prime rib was all the way official, no to very very little carbs….. Nic got the scallops and she finished her entire plate which NEVER happens….

after that, we went to go see Midnight in Paris at the arclight and that shit was very very surprisingly good!
I don’t even like Owen Wilson very much, but he was great in this

Saturday was an entire day spent at the MOCA for “Art In The Streets” and it’s going to be hard to try to post everything from this art exhibit, but to see my close actual friends I grew up with from Mister Cartoon to Slick and others be shown in a highly respected museum and finally get their real official stamp makes me so fucking proud…. it’s crazy. (as promised I’ll blog that this week)

so after a whole day there, I got packed up and ready to hit Chicago to get it in with my fam fam

on the way to the airport, I took a pic of some things that are a factor when having a V12

yup…. 9 miles per gallon… and thats good! smh

and then

that’s the gas station 4 blocks from my crib….. smh, that’s cheap, it was almost $6.00 a gallon for premium and this is where everyone in Beverly Hills gets their gas. because now there are only 2 gas stations in all of Beverly Hills. sad as fuck….. but anyways…….

I got the red-eye essentials…. and a little Riesling on 1st class = I’m good

got in to Chicago and was picked up by car service and then got it in with some breakfast…..
my boy Sean Mac flew me out 1st Class and put me up in a fly room, waaaay better than that room I stayed at in San Diego and this time the view was more official…..


later on linked up with my boy Dave who runs the city and got a business called 1OFF Ent.

he took me for a drive on the westside where some of his boys run shit…. we were rollin down Madison… and passed by Kedzie and that’s the hood where my homey Lupe is from so I texted him…. he hits me back like 4 hours later, like wtf? why are you over there? lol….
my boy Bird runs shit over there and if you ever see Bird, you see he’s only 5′ 6″ maybe, but his heart is of a 7′ 3″ beast! and his eyes are genuine…. meaning, he means business, if he says he’s gonna pull your eyes out and eat them, well then 2 + 2 = 4. ya dig?

so we keep mashing through the westside of chicago, through K-Town (not that k-town lol) and just all over the Chi…. then get in a meal at Japonais… man, this place is definitely the best Japanese food that I’ve had in Chicago in my 30+ times of coming here… I took Nic to a spot downtown, but this place shits on it!


the rock beef and other robata/izakaya dishes were so fucking insane! damn…. zero carbs too, but my boy Dave got it in with some crab and lobster items, but I’m off shellfish for a little bit with this diet
the food was excellent and it was an offtime so nobody was there…. all bueno

we walked outside so my boy could smoke a spliff right over the bridge


there’s 2 levels and 1 is the bar/lounge and the other is the restaurant, but DAMN! I would have my birthday party here if I lived in the Chi

so we’re now headed to District to watch the Bulls/Heat game…. we passed by 50/50 and shit was unreal packed! but we got a table and watched this bum ass game smh…..

at least we were in good company… a lotta homey’s showed up for Sean Mac and a ChiTown local with a #1 hit Jeremih showed up to show love…. but
I mean jesus…. the Bulls are done. no way they can come back, no way…. and Dallas is playing insane right now, so it’s gonna be part II of the NBA FINALS of 2006….. let’s see….

the wings and things were good at this spot btw and it was just like any other sports bar (not like GOAL here in LA though) and a couple cats came up to me and wanted to show me love…. said they’ve been following my moves since Myspace and why am I in Chicago…. well shout out to the homey who got 8 barber shops in the Chi. I forgot your name, but love…. and to the guy at O’hare in the polo sweats. peace
btw, Chicago people were hurt and mad… the mood was not good after this game, so I was like…. sighhhh yeah I know what its like!

while waiting for the valet, I took a picture of the biggest/nicest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to lol

even cooler than the one in roppongi, tokyo, it’s called the Rock and Roll McDonald’s… and I want to eat a McRib there someday lol

aite…. we’re late…. headed over to my boy’s crib first so he could get changed

my boy lives just outside downtown and in the penthouse of a 33 floor building, his view is insane… and the note on his crib is right! OH BTW, DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT IT WAS 80 DEGREES OUTSIDE????
yeh, it was hot….. but it was pouring rain at that exact moment with mad wind! but all good… it stopped after a few minutes.

so I did a few drops for his company and chopped it up on his house phone(lol, yeh he got one) and broke down Rose’ 101 to those who don’t know…. (being a rose’ connoisseur) and then we shook back to my telly so I could get dapper dan

so while we’re driving back to my telly…. I’m getting texts that Far East Movement is rocking the Billboard Awards and you can see my watches on them….


it still trips me out to see my homey’s come up and be international super stars! I’m so happy for them for real…. it’s crazy. KOREA! oh and Philippines for Virman lol

oh and it was my boy Apolo’s bday who was one of the hosts for the awards

happy birthday AAO

so I got dressed fast! so fast that I forgot my fucking grills and my camera….. I need my digital cam for indoor night pics, so I ran upstairs after we were already fashionably late! I made my boy turn around literally 2 blocks from the hotel…. so I came back a 2nd time and then guess what? I forgot the camera battery! smfh…..

fuck it, we’re off to RUMBA for the man of the night. DJ SEAN MAC AKA SEAN MACNIFICENT!
we get there and I see cars are lined up for both Valet and the self parking across the street from the spot…. there’s a police car parked in front…. but it’s okay, she was fam lol

the spot was located on a quiet street, so you know whoever was there was there for 1 reason… TO PARTY WITH SEAN MAC!

I didn’t have my cam…. so I got 2 pics from my iphone, but I got some from my boys from 1OFF


now my only complaint was that I wish they put on the AC harder in this joint because it was HOT!

shout out to J Millionaire from the chi who reads the blog and was dressed real sharp….. he copped the only Jeroboam in the place!
and speaking of champagne… there was a slim selection since it was a restaurant/lounge, not really a club, but fuck it we got 6 bottles of whatever they had early!

at least they had nectar imperial (no rose’) and some NV Veuve yellow label….. well actually the homey J Millie copped a bottle of Moet Rose but not the clear bottle….. it was all good… I finished my bottle of bubbly too fast I think….. at any rate, I had a good time and the music was real good
here’s a little snippet/trailer to Sean’s bday

shout out to Jeremih, GLC (yeh homey, good to link again) and 3 Deep John
big shout outs to Sean Mac, my man Bird, my shadow Sluggo who made sure I was good the entire time I was there and had the hawk eye on me…. and my boy Fellow BUT the biggest shout out to my boy Dave who really is the super glue to this whole equation and Chicago x LA connection…. mad love to you bro.

after that, we headed over 2 blocks to Ontourage and then I was just ready to tap out even though Bird has me dying! I was literally laughing my ass off with his crazy ass….. so I had Sluggo take me to Lawrence’s fishery to get some fish! and MANNNNN that shit is crack! I got a pound of catfish strips and a salad (mannn too good)


It was empty….. why? because it was 4:30am on a sunday night! lol

got my zzz’s in and woke up… had a car service take me to the airport lightweight late… but it was okay……

because I had the 1st class swag to get me passed the bogus security line…..

rockin my Lupe Fiasco Converse…
I usually fall right asleep, especially when the plane doesn’t have wifi (smh)… but someone right behind me in 1st class farted! a real pungent eggy smell too, so it fucked up my rest….
the dude sitting next to me with a semi young middle aged cat who seemed real cool….. usually when I’m on first and not with a friend or Nic, it’s always a cool person…. so this guy was the VP of BP…. yes BP the gulf gas crisis BP…. and we chopped it up about a lotta things, a great network indeed and he told me he was involved in a call to Columbia, South Carolina with a private jet and my heart stopped….. I said don’t say no more please…. I lost 2 friends on that plane crash…. Chris Baker and Charles Still (aka Lil Chris and Che’) so he told me some intel on the situation and it wasn’t a fuel problem and I told him my situation and pulled out my ipad and showed him pics of my boys and it was a small world…. we chopped it up about hockey to all kinds of shit and it made the flight actually pretty easy because I hate to fly….

anyways, made it safe back to LA and I posted up and caught up on some work and editing pics….

much love
gonna get it in this week.
everyone have a blessed one


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