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so if you’re reading this and you think the entry above was spelled wrong, then you need to log off my blog immediately.

but yeah, a crazy weekend… and I got to see the homey the weeknd.

started out watching The Avengers with my Worldstar fam and we saw the midnight showing and had a fly ass dinner at Koi….


let me say this again… internet money is NO joke. and I’m not talking about Silicon Valley!
that Rose gold president is such a problem. it took a while for me to make that bezel for Q. but it came out proper!

So in my entire life of going to the Grove since they opened. I have never seen a mob like that. In fact in my lifetime of seeing movie lines or crowds, I’ve never seen anything like it. to see thousands of people(mostly geeks) lined up outside was a crazy sight to see at 11:45pm!!! the movie was all the way official and damn they did 200+ million making them the largest grossing opening in history. dope. I still want to see Dark Knight Rises more than this though. fuck battleship

so after getting all my shit together….
I headed over to factory 413 to get a fly outfit for the trip….


shout out to my boy Angel for hooking shit up always!!!

and speaking of Shout Outs..

Dwyane Wade, star of the Miami Heat shouted me out on twitter and his instragram that day

So after all that, I got in contact with the Biebs to coordinate for the fight and this has been going on for a while now. I middle man’d this situation with Justin and Floyd along with my boy John who runs all of Floyd’s social media…. nobody was paid, there were no ulterior motives, just love and respect… and it was cool to see Floyd’s daughter so happy to see Justin too. You already know how I feel about Mayweather. dude is 1000% solid.

everything worked out great too. Bieb let me tag along on his Jet to vegas and I got him his ringside seats and that red carpet champion walk from the locker room to the ring…


Biebs jet is super flossy! brand new too. I’ve been on many jets but this one was the newest and best kept. the catering was all the way official too…. JB was running late because he was up rehearsing and I feel bad for giving him shit because I’m always punctual and worried about getting places on time smh. He didn’t get much sleep…. but we were all good and crew deep! Kenny, Moshe, Khalil, Alfredo, Biebs and Moi

we flew in early afternoon and it was a really quick flight.
got out and just chopped it up with folks, the strip was already a mess and vegas period was crazy because of the fight night

Kip(floyd’s personal security guard) and a GANG of security met us at the back entrance and took us up to the room to chill out…. ordered a gang of food and kicked it until it was time to do the dance

David Levi from the Money Team dropped off our Money Team fits…..


there are actually a bunch of colorways to the sweatsuits, but Champ wanted everyone to wear the Black and Red ones for fight night….

of course I brought out the Cali piece, I haven’t worn it in over 4 years!

while I was trying to get swaggy…. Biebs and Fredo were in the room getting fly too lol

these cats had me laughing all night for real… Bieber rocking the prize winning diamond and gold Koi Fish

we got downstairs… the security level was insane. I mean I’ve been to award shows and all kinds of stuff where there were way more celebs, but the MGM cats weren’t playing!!!!

got down to the locker room area and chilled in the hospitality suite til it was time to watch the undercards

I checked out Shane Mosley lose to Canelo smh…. no comment… it was champs time to fight!


you know it was sold out!!! and your boy was sitting Row A next to mack maine, lil wayne and Justin… Diddy was about 5 rows behind me and Anna Pacquin and her husband were behind us and pretty much everyone was behind us… much love to Floyd for the bomb ass seats!!!


my wife stayed at home and she recorded the fight… cats were hitting me up like crazy saying they seen me, but we had no cell phone service in the arena at all for hours!

at the end of the night, it was a close fight, I won’t lie… but champ brought out the animal and started to throw the hardest blows at Cotto’s head piece…. the last few rounds champ owned dude…. and then…

43-0 #moneyteam

all in all it was just great to see the whole fam and money team again and everyone smiling! shout out to the whole team for showing so much love….

we sat around for a while and I talked to Floyd’s mom and sisters and my boys Rick and P-Reala… then we headed over to the press conference…. after that, we got some food and headed back to McCarran to get back on the jet to head back home…. even though I had a lot of fun, I missed my new house and my wife so I couldn’t wait to get back….


woke up the next day to watching NBA games and had a bomb ass breakfast at Fred 62…. then to more basketball and a home cooked meal from my mother in law….
was chillin and recuperating for the most part… why?

because the homey, the Weeknd was in town to perform his 15th live show!

I was hyped to get VIP seating and invited by Abel(the weeknd) and his camp
my wife is also a big fan…. he had a show the night of the fight, but I was in vegas obviously and I’m more into the venues, wasn’t so down with seeing it at the Hollywood Cemetary

so we get there and there is a fucking line as long as the Avengers line. god damn. I mean shit was no joke!


triple VIP swag? now that’s crew love!


now this is my first time getting to see him perform live and let me tell you, this was probably one of the best shows I’ve seen in many years. I mean to my memory, I can’t think of a better show. THE WEEKND MURDERED THIS PLACE!!! He was fucking amazing! the energy was crazy in there! and again, this is only his 15th show ever!!! smh

everyone loved him and I was glad to see him perform my favorite songs and they sounded so dope live. fucking crazy! the encore performance of wicked games was just awesome….

we went backstage after the show to say what up and take a pic and then I stopped myself and said, damn I had one hell of a weekend for real.

crazy to see Diddy 2 nights in a row in different cities… he brought Cassie out. my boys rick rubin and jimmy iovine were there too…. along with a gang of other people I’m sure I didn’t see…

I had to tell Abel that his show was that damn good again!

p.s. thank you to Matt George, Corey Shapiro, Cash, Lamar and the whole Xo crew and of cours the Weeknd

ok, back to work

peace y’all

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