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where do I even start? the food? the courtside lakers seats? the jewels? the first pair of Nike’s I’ve worn in over 8 years?? the stories? god damn! seriously though…. I’m at home sick writing this because I have a sore throat and a bad ass cough… I can’t even concentrate so all work must be put on pause until my assistant can handle the duties I need him to.

let’s start with a little bit of food since I’m hungry…
thursday night me and Nic checked out this spot in Atwater Village called Baracoa. it’s a cuban restaurant and I love cuban food… so I wanted to peep game.

I had the oxtail with an Iron Beer to wash it down…

Nic had the Garlic Shrimp and a lot of hot sauce.
their food is all the way official. definitely more authentic tasting than Versailles, but it’s different and fuck man, that shit was good! I will be going back and back again!

I mean… damn.
so much shit going on with work that my life is getting in the way. smh
I’ve had so many orders in the last 3 months that shit is a blur to me, I can’t even take pics of everything…. but what I did do on friday before I really got into a whole bunch of shit was get a fresh lunch at Cuvee’ with my wife


so now, this is my first time trying their Kobe Burger and let me say, their shit defeats the $45 kobe burger at the Polo Lounge and it’s only $20 I think here, maybe even a little less…. and Nic’s food was fantastic too.


my boy Bush had me ice out the dial of his XL gshock and he came into town a week ago and asked me to ice out the buckle and sleeve and we did that!


all white gold and white diamonds… it’s just a $125 watch, but now it’s a lot cooler (literally lol)

My boy Q is still a beast….
his other wrist got lonely in regards to his rose gold set up with his new everrose president rolex he got from me a couple weeks ago… so we made the right wrist a friend…


this thing has 40 carats of colorless diamonds in it! and is heavy as fuck!!! we had to make a temporary clasp because there weren’t any 2.5mm rose gold franco’s around with heavy lobster clasps so this is just til we make that gangster clasp for my guy…. he couldn’t wait. thanks again Q and STOP BUYING JEWELRY!!!! #WSHH

but my dude pulled out his red python Louboutins and his Rapide to stunt on me…. smh

all good…. he knows I stunt errrrryday! lol. but Q money is vicious dear lord smh

on thursday, I met up with my boys Pete and Wentz and Dr. Darren Romanelli to deliver this custom accessory I made for his bag and after 10 years of talking about a collab with DrX, I finally came up with one….

gold initial tags for a very serious and expensive custom leather bag


these shits came out a little dope!!!! I’m gonna make some for my bags now! it’s funny because when I was working with Kanye on the Pastel project, we were supposed to make some bag accessories and things close to this nature, but all costume, not real gold.

anyways, being in Darren’s office, I had to take pics and steal a few things I can’t show here lol

a cool little Kaws sculpture…. and then

that’s a 1 of 1 DrX x Medicom 1000% be@rbrick …. Darren already has had 3 or 4 bearbrick releases so far, but 100% and 400%’s not a 1000% yet… but when he does, I’m in there!!!!

thanks again guys! much love. I love working with Rock and Roll cats, Pete is a fucking cool guy and who else do I like working with????

pro skaters!
I finished another sick ass genuine VS big bezel channel set yacht master II for my boy Ryan Sheckler….


shit is so nuts… I might have to cop one for myself and make a bezel like that too now. damn. I got way too many rolex’s tho

so… to some more crazy shit!!!!
me and Corey Shapiro (vintage frames) did another collab and this shit may have less ice, but just as sick to me!


Corey, you crazy mashugenah! we shoulda collabed long ago!

before we get into my NBA weekend…. it’s only right
my boy Dwyane Wade made something to represent him and his fiance’ who is actually a very dear friend of mine and long time friend of 20 years almost… Gabrielle Union… so I showed him a few ideas and then I had my girl Mandee Guns lay it out on AI and then I made that artwork turn into reality!


thanks again D Wade…. I still got a few more things in motion for you and even though the Heat are my least favorite team in the NBA, you are a player I respect and I love to do business with you… and you pay fast lol. peace!!!!!

so let’s get into NBA and my return to NIKE’s after over 8 years

so for most who’ve been and I mean really been around the sneaker game, you know this is how I got PAID in life. no joke. I made records and DJ’d and made money that way and that paid the bills and shit, but the shoes are what got me my Jewelry business… and after a bad fall out and legal situation which I should have sued the swoosh. I just boycotted them for a long time and really. it may seem small or petty or minor or whatever minuscule way you want to think of it, but it was over 8 figures of cheese…. and I definitely made my name and voice heard over there. so it’s all good. shit is really water under the bridge. I’m with Supra and not mad at anyone….

the moment I found out I was going to the game and sitting on the floor… I knew I needed some Purple colored kicks for the game on Friday night and if I was sitting courtside in some $11,000 seats then I needed to go all out and show my ass…. so I searched and searched, but nothing to be found… with the help of my boy Nick Sakai and CRSVR in vegas, he sent me a pair of some Foamposite Galaxy’s

and from couch side…

to court side

so the homey Kid Retro balls so hard, motherfuckers want to FINE him, but they can’t even find my dude because he lives far far away from the fuckery lol. true story though…. he’s the kid I made the diamondlife “d” for and he had floor seats which were $11,000 each, so x 4 that’s…. a brand new Lexus or rose gold rolex president!!!! but what is it really? NOTHING TO A BOSS!!! pulled up to the $200 VIP valet and walked in….

chillin with the 1%

my boy David Katzenberg… his last name is common, yeh no big deal lol

got in our seats and was sitting about 8 seats over from my old boss Denzel Washington who picked me up when he seen me, he was more hyped than I was. shit was crazy. and my boy Snoop showed mad love… but then we all sat down to get ready…


the seats were ok

haha shieeeeeeuutttttttt

at half time we went over to the chairmans room as it was the only thing to do… chopped it up with some fam and seen my god father aka the biggest boss of them all Lou Adler AND OF COURSE ONE OF MY OLDEST BROS NIC ADLER! congrats on that 100 days raw homey! follow him @nicadler …. and also ran into another friend of mine I’ve known for over 15 years, Stacy, y’all know her as Fergie…


Fergie was turnt up! and came with my boy JJ. what up JJ!

and so were we after about 4-5 pineapple patrons and all that Yak my crew was sippin on…. so once the 3rd quarter hit we continued to talk a gang of shit to a few Thunder players. Kendrick Perkins was the guy I focused on hard… I was clowning him before half time, but after the liquor I got in his ass crazy…
he started to talk to me every single time they came down on our side and I was talking a gang of mess to the point where the ref and even Kevin Durant had to help dude out… Kev was like you ain’t about that life. lol… we was going back and forth with KD but dude is just too finessed, like for real… we even offered him $10,000 to just start playing bad lol… he said y’all ain’t got enough $$$ for me to do that! and after a certain point, I got so deep in Kendrick Perkins dome that he said, wait after the game and meet me so I can knock you out… The Game was sitting behind me and he said, don’t trip Ben, I got your back, I made Perkins delete his twitter. he a bitch ass hoe! and I couldn’t believe the rich white folks sitting next to me were laughing and even egging me on to continue fucking with Perkins… he had 4 points and literally was useless. we were getting really close down to the wire and KD shot a 3 to even up the game and he dead looked over at us and then pointed at me. smh… I was like god damn, we might fuck around and lose this game at home and then I don’t really give a fuck about these expensive ass seats if we lose… I brought out the Cali chain!!!!!!


we got the W and we all went HAMburger in that bitch!!!!

I shoulda stayed longer and hung out in the tunnel to slap Perkins real quick, but I said fuck this shit… I’m bout to shake to the house… I don’t remember much other than passing out as soon as I got home. exhausted!

woke up the next day to 2 free tshirts

my twitter timeline and mentions were crazy that night! man… bunch of cats said they seen me… my boy Indo took a pic from his TV and I was on the side where you can’t see us really, but I guess my big ass bald head was hard to miss


Saturday was basically putting my ass in park and recouping a little bit. the cali chain fucks my neck up something serious…. even with the towel and many advils, it just stresses my shit out. but hey, I only bring it out for the BIG events and to say I had 2 major events this year already is crazy because I haven’t worn the chain in over 4 years before this….

have you ever been to Tacos Villa Corona?

do some research on their breakfast burritos. shit is no joke!!!
but always expect a line

had to get some white skinny’s for my boy George’s 30th birthday party up in the hills…. and this was a family event only. about 45-50 heads from his closest friends and fam… the crib was sick and the catering was phenomenal! I’m going to use that same caterer for our baby shower at our home next month….

it was an all white party

on our way to the party, I made a quick stop at the Diamond Supply store to pick up some cash… because one of their customers copped clothes with about $300 worth of $2 bills and I love $2 bills lol

I think I’ll hold them and give them to my son and he can cop some bubble gum or some shit later when he gets old enough….

so we get to the swag sprinter van shuttle…. and off to this party we go

of course


the party started at around 7pm and ended at around 3am… but we cut out around midnight

they had Ciroc and Veuve Host the drinks and they were pouring all night… I was eating pretty much all night until the game started and then I was like, wow we’re killing them, let me have a drink… then they started to really get into our ass and I needed a drink smh….

I made a bet with my boy James Bond of Undefeated that if we go to 6 games, then he has to take me to ginza sushi ko in beverly hills for a $1,200 a person meal lol (they only do like 12 seatings a day and reservations are scarce) …. but IF the lakers don’t go to 6 games, then I have to wear a lebron jersey… I made this bet while we were up by 11 points!!! smh fml

you know we lost and I can’t believe this bullshit because we should be 3-1 right now. trill talk. no jokes


fucking sucks man….

but I didn’t wanna ruin my bro’s bday party, so I shook it off for a little bit

it was time to cut the cake!

the cake was pretty good! but the thing is, I only like that cheap ass cake you get from the grocery market…. or ice cream cake from baskin robbins

Georgy…. aka the MACK!

good times. always is chillin with my PML fam and my champagne hooligan family…. may all their pain be Champagne!

went home and again… crashed out

woke up feeling all tense and shit
so Nic booked us an appt for a massage at Burke Williams Spa, but we got breakfast first at Fred 62… then I went over to Costco and copped some shit we needed for the house and damn man, sometimes you don’t care for shit in that place… and then sometimes you spend $1,000 in there easily!

the massage was great. hot rocks? mannnn, the steam room and that rain shower was all a old man needed! after that we got some sushi and checked out the eclipse from the table….

now even though I got an A in astronomy in college(true story) I don’t know if it was a lunar or solar eclipse and I also don’t give a fuck to know exactly or to google. but there’s a pic lol

after that, we headed over to check out this movie called “Hick” starring Chloe Moretz and Blake Lively and it was cool…
but the theater? lol…

shit was smaller than Floyd Mayweather’s home theater, but the tickets were only $17!!!! for 2 of us? wtf? that’s what it cost for 1 ticket for me usually… I gotta get used to it, but it was very romantic and at least it was clean… I like silverlake/los feliz… hipster, but cool.

btw, seen the Dictator last week too and that shit was trash, what a fucking disappointment man. damn. don’t waste your money!

I’m bout to get ready to check out my LAKESHOW and I hope they win because then wednesday it’s on! game at staples center and I don’t owe James Bond shit!!! haha

I need some zicam and some purp and a whole gang of water

peace, thanks for checking out my blog.
much love

god bless!!!!

check me out
I’m bout to tear some of these amateurs apart!!!

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