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Ever since I stopped being a degenerate gambler, I have a hard time leaving las vegas and I just found out some friends are coming in from the t-dot today… BUT, I’m supposed to deliver Michael Jackson’s piece 2moro, so that’s my main priority, also the gym is another and I gotta get back on the grind so I can pay this overhead… Life isn’t just about partying. 80/20 y’all. Real talk it’s about 80% good, 20% bad. My trainer’s even to the point of telling me to examine where I eat a burger, maybe avoid the bun and check where the beef comes from and all that. I can’t get to that point of ill levels yet. To me, thats like getting a blowjob with a condom on. Hells NO.
As much fun as I had, I need to get back focused. Even though I own my own business, I hate mondays. I start shooting again soon, so I need to chill a little bit.

Btw, Pacquiao knocked de la hoya the FUCK out last night! that might have been the best fight I’ve seen in years. They didn’t hug and ruin shit once, they just brawled and chucked them and squabed like them og hearns/leonard days. Fucking awesome. Wow, congrats to him, I’m sure cats in Daly City and Long Beach were partying up! haha. I’ve been to more than a few de la hoya fights and I’ve never seen his faced that beat up before. Hang it up Oscar. Damn Pac Man is FAST!

P.s. Cam, you’re a real scumbag for the whole Willa situation, damn she’s in my head! Damn she’s bad!!! lol

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