5 days south of the border

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and man it was waaaay too short because I would love to be there today instead of dealing with this LA traffic fuckery and rain…. can’t complain though, I got a lot of jewelry orders to finish for next week.

did I mention that I hate TSA? what a waste of time.
I don’t feel any safer since 9/11 with TSA. the 3oz. of liquid is bullshit. I just don’t see the good in it. really I don’t. it’s a waste of time, waste of money; I hate that you can’t have your loved ones walk you to the gate anymore. I hate that you can’t park your car at the garage if you don’t have a front plate! the lines are bogus and now my first class flight joys are just bypassing the security lines more than the actual flight because I have to sedate myself even on first class….


fun fun fun!
5 days! was definitely not enough time, but we made it work


as soon as we got there, instant smile on my face!
we got a sweet ass suite, but really? I could care less. it was nice, like a 4.2 out of 5, but when you get over 4.5 then it’s worth taking pics, we had a full kitchen, washer and dryer and 2 full baths, flat screens…. a huge patio/balcony and all that jazz, but it was the fact that I got this last minute trip for STUPID CHEAP! even with the upgraded seats it was cheap as hell! Hawaii was out of the question because of Rain and Cancun was out because of hurricanes….


the poolside food was great… just simple shit like this taste better than anything king taco or any americanized restaurant could prepare…. the fish was caught literally minutes prior to cooking

sunset was at 6:15pm but still was bright out until around almost 7pm and was 80 degrees at sunset

that meant time to get in the hot tub…..
spf 60 to protect my beautiful tattoos….

breakfast every single morning was incredible…. Nic or me would say out loud… “this is the life” as we drank freshly squeezed orange juice with fresh fruit platters….. so many different choices of food with the omelet bar and different kinds of meats with a mexican swag to it…..

and then

let me barf that all up right quick!

we jumped out on some jet ski’s and rode waves for a while…. we both kept thinking about how many damn sharks there had to be in the water

then, we got on a glass bottom boat ride to check out land’s end


I hate small boats…. that rocky water got my stomach all knotted up!

see that little opening? thats called the pacific door

lovers beach….

If I can push a yacht, then you know I can navigate us back to around the island! dude was hella cool to let me blade for a short while

when we got back it was time for …..

2 for 1…. HAPPY HOUR!
patron and pineapple…. ketel with cran & pineapple

sat back and got lost staring at the sea #instagram

nic took my camera and took a self portrait…. she had 2 different lollime bikinis for each day we were there…. as she should…. I had 2 different diamond supply tops for each day (thanks Nick)


we already did our halloween thing in the states…. but they celebrated it there but mostly “All Souls Day”

we headed downtown for a little bit

best sushi in town period

out of all the fly sushi spots in the US, nobody has a scallop gyoza and nothing that tasted like this. ugggh! so damn delicious

their sea bass is better than any other fish dish I’ve ever had, better than chicken dishes…. ALMOST better than the fried cat fish in harlem lol…. but this shit was caught just before we sat down! real talk!


no need for room service….

the resorts market had all types of international flavored swag

the next day…

shout out to my boy Aron Vasyli for the orthopedic sandals!
these were a way better look than my marc jacobs joints that just hurt my feet after a whole day of walking….
we walked down to the entire other side of the beach and enjoyed the views and peddlers and everything until we hit a popular spot to get some drinks


don’t bug me… I’m on Instagram

multi tasking…. shots of tequila & marguerita slushees

I finally got some color…..

of course #instagram

walking back didn’t suck, even though it was hot!

we had a sushi bar at our resort…. right on the sand too

they didn’t have any crazy rolls or anything, but the food was good and obviously the fish was fresh…..

the resort next door had a very romantic restaurant and we had maybe the most romantic dinner me and Nic have ever had in 2 years….

my slim short sleeve MJ on

we ordered this salad that came with a breadstick dipped in balsamic caramel? smh, that shit was incredible….

and I had my 1st and only steak for the entire trip and it was fucking tasty, maybe one of the best or matching the best tasting steaks I’ve had that I can remember and I just ate at mastros a couple weeks ago…. this shit faded that

the catch of the day, I forgot what it was, but Nic murked that plate early and she doesn’t eat like that so I know it had to be great

took a trolley back to our resort and took a nice little stroll….

woke up knowing on our last day that I was gonna miss this and knowing that I was coming home to rainy weather made me seriously consider re-booking our flights and extending a couple more nights, but I got work to do, I turned my phone off, so it was strictly however you could reach me with my iPad (iMessage, emails or twitter) and I needed that break….

we had a last breakfast on the beach

on the plane home, I didn’t sleep really, surprisingly and yes there was lots of fuckery with the mexican TSA, but all I could think of was this…..

I got lost in that shit for real…. the sea of love! (inside thing)

I’m not excited to be back home, but I’m happy to have a blessed life and I’m already planning another trip before xmas…. got to kick it with my entire family today and it was great…

my twin jewish & korean nieces… my korean and japanese nephews…. love them to death

I’ll post some jewels up tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed your weekends.

god bless!

p.s. I’ll be in chicago next week for a day/night for work and right back out here on the grind for more work, but first I gotta link up with Wale and Pusha T for some new chains and then obviously I need to create some new jewelry designs in the $2,500 to $3,500 range that’ll be ready for the holidays

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