4th of July weekend wrap 2011….

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a lotta shit went down and a lotta chilling also went down.
so going hard, then laying heavy in the cut too!

I mean, I don’t even know how many stories to tell, where to begin….

I was going to post this yesterday, but I just am behind on so much work, so I wrote most of this last night and finally posted it this morning

lets start with our Micro Tiny Jesus Pieces

yep…. available now, these are a LOT smaller and could be rocked by a guy, but meant for a kid or girl… pricing available via phone call or email

now lets start the weekend wrap with getting gear at Crooks….
ran into the token black dude from TMZ and he asked Rob K some questions about Lamar being traded and “what if” Chris Humphries came to LA and L O was traded to New Jersey, which team would be better….. “no comment” lol
then dude pleads to us… “check this out, all those dudes that work there are squares, I’m just trying to play the game and get on” lol dude was cool though

walked into Crooks and got some gear for this past weekend and for my Bull Run


After that, walked over to Cafe Primo and got some lunch…
Rob was on his health tip

ran into the Homey Bee Nguyen and David Faustino and James Bond there and all separately…. weird

walked downstairs to the garage…. and seen my boy Abdullah’s Bugatti….

don’t trip that’s the platinum lifestyle! and yo, them subtle touches make a big difference, trust! btw, that’s like 1 of his very many SICK whips…. but he’s a prince! so that’s nothing!

so Rob K is now on instagram for a matter of maybe 5 hours and he’s addicted like me….
hilarious though, he got over 2,000 followers in less than 24 hours! smh

and his first 3 pics all made it to the popular page….

we got back to my crib and chilled out for a while….
couldn’t think of anything to do, so why not? #PLANKING

after Rob shook….
I headed over to the block and picked up a few things from Nick from Diamond

after hanging there for a while, we got it in at the grove and ate at the Farm….

after the Farm, we marinated back at my crib trying to figure out our night…. not much was poppin….. playhouse was kinda not our thing…. none of us were in the mood to hear house music and so we shook all the way downtown to see my boy DJ Reflex dj at ICON, but he canceled and that was all good because my boy MELO D was in the house doing his thing… shout out to Chiefy and Indo

but no shout out to this girl for not being able to handle her business properly… I mean at her size, she had to finish off at least one of the 3 bars that were at this club

we shook there, then headed back to the westside to then go over to Hollywood and we got it in at Kitchen 24…. god damn even with bribes, it took us a while to sit down and it was packed as fuck there…. we finally sat down around 3ish and was there forever… shout out to my lil homey Donnis who was getting his late night grub on.

then I went home and packed for my short trip to Vegas…. I was thinking maybe I’ll stay an extra day and hang with the Champ, but we’ll see……

btw, Nicolette was in Hawaii, ballin 1st class, 5 star resort… spa living, all that….
she also btw, made it to the instagram popular page 2 times in 1 day! lol…. she got an extra 600 + followers from that too, I’m sure homicide was pissed haha


I didn’t pack heavy at all…. the only thing heavy was my OG Jesus piece and cuban set up

THANK YOU NICK DIAMOND FOR THE NIGHT ON THE TOWN…. NEXT ONE ON ME… seems as if we switch places all the time huh? and damn son, being born exactly 1 day apart and same year…. shit is weird huh??? you remind me a lot of ME at times… crazy aquarius shit…. and shout out to my lil dong saeng TONY Tones who is gonna be a boss very soon. hold it down fam

woke up late as hell and rushing to the airport after cutting my wig back and shaving…..

for the first time Rob is there before me and on time. *hand claps*

and this fool is playing words with friends… or scrabble on the homey Jesse’s iPad

we met a really cool Armenian family at the airport…. speaking of which, there was not 1 single person in line at security thank god because I got there 30 minutes before the flight left…. right on time though…. only at Burbank

so we land…. limo waiting for us….
head to the VIP check in at the Mirage and it’s on…. VIP SUITE, VIP love, VIP STFU

we literally drop our bags off and head immediately back downstairs to eat at BLT

I’m hurting… but Rob came prepared!

obviously no food pics posted here anymore….
but damn! the fact that you can get portobello mushrooms and fried egg as options are just so awesome! Rob’s diet was off because he was the one who ordered the egg first… I followed

then me and Jesse and his chick gambled a little bit… I lost like $500, fuck it

took a quick nap and then it was time to get it IN!

went downstairs to Stack to eat…. and the food was official of course…

our small party….

Scott Disick and Kourtney were hosting an event at Chateau at Paris, but we couldn’t go there because of contracts which don’t allow us to walk into any other club a couple weeks prior or after to the dates…. but I heard Chateau sucked! but they were staying right next to us in the same hotel because the Paris hotel sucks period! and the Kardashian’s get a lot of love there at the Mirage also because they’re opening an DASH store there very soon

so I’m cooling out, chilling with one of Rob’s friends from Detroit, Jasmin and he’s telling me all about how grimey his city is; but I already know this lol….

We walked over to the Casino area to gamble for a second and I linked up with my fam Josh D for a sec…. he had to run back to Tiesto and get his grind on…. meanwhile in like 10 minutes, Rob won $1,000 real quick playing 21
(sidebar: Josh D, I appreciate you even running out for those 8 minutes just to show love and say what up. real spit, I fuck with you fam) I had a lotta homeys in vegas this weekend…. my DCMA fam (Tal and Benji) and Lil Jon was there… the Homey Chanel and a lotta peeps were there just for the UFC shit too and of course the 4th, but I didn’t get to see any of them….

So finally we move towards the club and I’m calm, not thinking much of this because last time we all were here at JET was for Rob’s birthday and we were with Kim and Khloe and it was a fucking MOOOOOVIE MOVIE there…..

well, shit, it was even 10x more cracking this time around, there was a longer line outside and it was jam packed inside and instead of being blocked off in the VIP area, Rob wanted to sit down on the dance floor so he could interact with his Fans….

we all pretty much look gay… except for John aka JT who really is a fucking boss!

Rob getting interviewed by the homey BETH on the red carpet….

speaking of Red Carpet, I took these pics off wireimage, thanks to DANNY NUNES! (thanks again G)


head to toe in Diamond Supply…. Rob wearing Diamond Jeans and Crooks shirt #SWAG


I got on the Mic to MOVE the CROWD…. and they were open!


thank god Kappy wasn’t there because we ran through 8 bottles of booze early! and he loves Patron!

my boy knows XBOX, but he don’t know shit about djing! lol

teaching my lil homey how to give a champagne shower!!!


and then….. they thought it was Rob’s bday again?


CAKE AND ROSE’??? not mad

and then…. here are my pics

I can’t believe how packed JET was…. it was probably the best time I had there ever


shout out to Jasmin…. shout out to Detroit! the 313/248

shout out to Nick from CRSVR

Jesse turned his SWAG on….
he had his 1980’s miami coke dealer look goin hard body lmao

long face… long bottle


everyone in our section had a flute in their hand at one point of the night…. Rob said what up to every fan that approached him…. it was a great turn out. I talked shit at random points of the night on the Mic and I even took some pics with a few peeps who follow me on twitter, etc (I hate saying fans, I just don’t accept that I have fans) but I will say that Rob K is a bonafied celebrity now. I mean he is from the most famous family on TV pretty much…. I’m proud of my guy…. I met Kenny Hamilton who is Justin Bieber’s other manager (shout out to Scooter who I’ve known for 6 years before he even had Bieber) cool ass cat…. much love to the ATL, we got a lotta mutual friends…. in fact Rob connected me with a lotta folks throughout the night/trip

crazy stupid mad love to the JET nightclub family, the Mirage Casino and especially BETH from light group and John “JT” from the Mirage Properties!

I finally reach out to my MONEY TEAM who hit me on the jack… they were at the Mandalay checking out Rihanna early, then shot over to 50 and Floyd’s party at EVE…. but we didn’t make it over there…. because we were stuck at JET having a crazy time….

then the owner of Sapphire Gentlemans club came by JET with our boy Scott Sartiano who left Chateau to come party with us… and then the owner of Sapphires took us over to his spot and DAMN! LOL. BOSS BOSS #BAWSE

we exit the Sapphire Limo and we enter the back entrance way more gangster than a scene from Goodfellas…. real shit

the owner and manager escort us to the owners booth…. and I mean, a pod, like a separate area completely, not for VIP’s or celebs, but strictly for the Owner’s guest and the owner himself (I won’t mention his name, because cats are corny; do the math) and above us is an all glass stage…. yes see through glass!

this is the 1st thing I see

and I’m thinking…. damn SWAG! 12 LITER OF PERRIER JOUET SWAG!

smh and we got 2 more bottles of Belve…. I didn’t drink except a glass… at that point, It wouldn’t have mattered really.

about that glass above us…
since we were with the owner…. they didn’t say a damn thing about pulling out our camera

but I parted ways with the crew… me and Nick shook out and had the limo take us to the city center and I tried to link up with the Champ real quick…. went to Aria to get my gamble on a little bit…. then finally got back to the room around 6am

yep…. the sun was up pretty much and I was tired, feet hurt, body ached…. outro

woke up with a very bad hangover… no joke
shots, I had maybe 2 bottles of champagne straight to the dome and got maybe 2 hours of sleep maybe… remember, I’m an old fuck, so I need my hours of rest…
Rob’s like um we’re leaving, so I don’t know how you feel about that lol. bastard
it was hot and rainy outside and the limo driver told us that flights were delayed and we’re running late and might miss our flight so I’m lightweight stressed, but NO WAY AM I STAYING ANOTHER DAY/NIGHT IN VEGAS!

we get to the airport and thank god there is a Popeye’s and Wendy’s right next to each other because I needed some food to soak up the liquor….
we made our flight and ran into our homey Scott Sartiano who owns 1OAK and a few other major nightclubs around the country…. known him almost a decade and never knew he was a huge Univ of South Carolina fan… I mean super obsessed fan lmao

we land and don’t even wait or head anywhere else…. we go straight to the Roosevelt for a planned pool party that Jesse set up for the Kardashians…. it was a movie at the door… fuck that place, fuck that party…. fuck the whole event staff!

anyways, Rob grew up with a couple cats who had rooms and we had a cabana, but the last thing I’m thinking of is drinking…..

it was hot as fucking death valley outside….

don’t trip, the beach ball was in our cabana…. but I wasn’t having fun….

but I did make the popular page again and so did Nicolette again…. at the same time!

and then…..

I took this pic on Rob’s phone….

every single pic he’s posted made the popular page


there were just too many peeps in there… they sold out the space and couldn’t even sell out tickets anymore and of course everyone is a politician with the mouth…. so there was a line of around 3000 people at 2 different roped off entrance areas…. so I went to say hi to some homeys….. but after seeing the drama to get back in, I just shook and didn’t even say bye….

went to get some food and are you kidding me??

I mean…. of all the #’s I get this one again? just so damn weird and the folks at GS def don’t know my situation…. even though I have brought Jonas there before

so then, I went home and I didn’t do a damn thing!!!!
I did smoke a little bit, but I pretty much sat my monkey ass at home and chilled…..
I left the crib to hit CVS to get some gatorade, but I just kicked it….


I was all set with my day…. I woke up, got a car wash… met up with Franchise at the grove and got some lunch…. was gonna head to OC to either my boy from Crooks crib which was silly! they set up like a $10,000 + bbq and stupid fireworks show…. but I don’t know…. just didn’t make it down there…. also my boy Sammy Sam was having a party at Huntington Beach, but I didn’t feel like just going that far down the freeway…..

so I shot off to Franchise’s hometown of Cerritos and we kicked it at his pops crib for a little while…..

we finally went to the Cerritos City Hall where they blocked off an entire street and had a street fair/carnival set up

I don’t know why…. but this chicks costume was actually on point, It wasn’t something that cost $39.99…. she was also about as tall as Robert Wadlow

here’s some other pics


I won’t lie…. it was a good time, I had a blast…. we got some food and this was like 8pm! it looks like the daytime!

while I’m here walking around the fair….

Nic was in Hawaii on the 2nd highest Zip Line in the USA…. I’ve been Bungee Jumping before (18 years ago) but I will never go Zip Lining ever!

night is about to fall and the band is getting close to an end of their show…. and the real show is about to get started!

yep… iPhone takes bomb ass pictures! fuck a evo 3D camera… they don’t got the photoshop options like the iPhone does!

and then…..


all of the lights!

I mean, the fireworks show is about 20 minutes longer than Marina Del Rey’s and more choreographed than Compton’s and that shit went on and on and ON! it was cracking… thank you Catdicc JR and the City of Cerritos… the city was on fire!


and thanks to my instagram followers, I made it to the popular page again for the 4th time!

so we shook off, I wanted a milkshake really bad…. so we headed down by the mall to get one at a really overrated shitty burger spot

question? what official burger spot doesn’t have milkshakes? a bogus one!
and last time I ate there, was the first time I went there…. overrated spot! you also come out smelling worse than you do when you walk out of Benihana’s! and at least at Benihana’s you are gonna be satisfied with the food! this spot is whatever… I fuck with Johnny Rockets or Fatburger more than this bullshit!

why am I talking about it here instead of CARE2JOINME.COM?
because it’s not even worthy of that…..

so we drove across the street to Coco’s (lol) and got a chocolate shake… and watch the city on fire…. no joke it was cracking all over the place…. the city streets smelled like smoke, heavy!

when I drove home, the entire So Cal skies were lit up, from the 91W to the 110N to the 10W and I enjoyed the drive home….. but I won’t forget to mention it took me about 90 minutes to get home because of the enormous amount of stupid ass rubber necks in my town! smh and btw, it took me 20 minutes to get from my doorstep in Beverly Hills to my boy’s pops crib ini Cerritos! shit, I can’t even get to my store in 20 minutes on a great day! so it was just on! and I was in the prius!!!


Nic is back, I’m a little uncertain of my future in this Bull Run….

Rob Kardashian was supposed to be my co-pilot, but has to shoot a video in Atlanta and has other engagements… and now my alternate Co-Pilot Terry Kennedy is busy doing something else…. maybe cats don’t get it’s a $20,000 entry fee per person… and I need to figure shit out asap!!!!

aite y’all

that’s my independence day weekend wrap

I’ll be posting that top 50 movies this week!

oh yeah! I wanna see Cars 2 on my 3D LED screen and see Transformers 2 in IMAX 3D at the movie theaters lol

p.s. did you guys know that Chris Hansen was caught cheating on his wife? and it was caught via hidden camera
lol… pedophiles are disgusting but so was the entrapment punk ass ways MSNBC lured in the predators…. could you imagine if Intervention did a different style show that brought in cops to bring in drug users with real drugs but when they came there were no drugs? fucking crap


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