30 carat black gold, black diamond bracelet… also early b-day gifts

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so after a couple weeks of literally building a mold from scratch for a black beaded bracelet fully flooded with just over 1,500 diamonds total bringing it to a total diamond weight of 30 carats in black diamonds and roughly 80 grams of black gold, this project is now a masterpiece. we literally had Jimmy cut a freestyle mold of a ball and we went to work. this shit is NOT small….. came out so damn clean… the shit will guarantee to gleem at nighttime even!

peep the technique!

you already know we had to tattoo our logo on the lobster clasp


why not?

shit is retarded! thank you Mark, hope you enjoyed it!

and as soon as I dropped off the bracelet to my dude… he spazzed out! it went perfect with his black on black set up he’s been coppin from us and it was a beautiful day in LA today… super sunny and a lil brisk, but what a day! I dropped off the bracelet to my man Mark on Rodeo Drive and we walked into the Louis Store and I told him it was my bday on this coming wed. so he asked if I wanted anything in the store. ANYTHING. well I don’t really rock out like that, but I will bust out some accessories… I wish they made a graphite wallet chain pouch, but he copped me a couple things… I appreciate your business famo

so walking back up to my whip, it was a nice day so of course I had the car detailed in the morning, even though it’s getting dropped off on Monday morn to get finished…. but had to take some shots of this bitch clean!

shit is hard body with the long/wide body! I’m loving the direction this is goin….

so I had lunch today in at La Scala in Beverly Hills after workin in the morn, also checked out a new condo in K-Town(might make an offer!) and all that made today a great day….

gonna go say what up to my OG quadruple OG homey Jen Rosero aka Jennifer Bolthouse at the Playhouse VIP tonight for her B-Day….

meanwhile, ran into another friend and so why not take a pic of some early b-day gifts…. btw, I never get birthday gifts really ever

you know I’m on that Rose’ heavy….

p.s. my bday dinner will be stupid for sure… we all are going to roll out like it’s a funeral with the black on black campaign we got crackin! also I got a few b-day parties goin on…. one will be at HYDE on friday night… thursday night haven’t figured out where yet…. but it’s GOIN DOWN!

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