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So Friday was a basic ass day…
OH Wait, Me and Nic went to go see “Faster”(movie #1 of the weekend) the movie with the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson late thursday night… and lets just say this. DON’T SEE THAT SHIT. maybe wait for it on cable, don’t even rent it when it comes out in 2 weeks smh

after I went to Court at 8am Friday Morning while COURT WAS CLOSED!!!! I went to go see my moms and she cooked me an official korean meal… my stomach was still crazy from before, but it was close to downtown, so I stopped to check on her…. then I got to work to do work. Reading more emails from people who think my jewelry costs the price of video games….

skip the boring shit and me being a grouch while everyone else was out for black friday getting not that great of a deal and dealing with shit loads of traffic and feet steppin on….

I got home and was exhausted and took a basic nap.
Woke up and thought I’d take Nic out on a date to see a movie (wow we see a lot of fucking movies huh! I love it though!) and out to a new restaurant that took forever to open and I been watching them build this place for the last 8 months! the restaurant is a yakitoriya and sushi bar called Robata Jinya Iza-Kaya on 3rd street near the grove and I thought to myself…. when this place opens in this shitty economy, I hope it does well…. once they finished building…. it was just there and not open for a month almost, but I found out they were getting their liquor license…. so anyways, a week or so ago they finally opened and I saw the place packed consistently…. so it made me and Nic curious…. well we went there Friday night and the food was fucking delicious!

btw, did I happen to mention that IT IS FUCKING FREEZING IN LA? low 40’s cold!
We started out with seaweed salad and then with the miso marinated black cod: top 3 best black cod I’ve had in my life! and the price is very reasonable… then we got the hamachi kama: Yellowtail collar and that shit was excellent! they only serve a few each night… then with some basic shit, we got the crispy rice spicy tuna roll and even though I’ve had this at many places way before, without a doubt, this was the best tasting one I’ve ever had for sure 1000%. I also had the Hakata Tonkatsu Ramen which they only serve 20 servings of per day…. shit was off the hook! it’s a rich premium pork ramen and I killed that shit…. there’s so much more that I want to order there like the chicken wings and sweet potato yakitori and 3 different mushroom yakitori’s and just a lotta shit for real…. I will be going back again!

so after we went to the arclight to go see 127 hours(movie #2 of the weekend)….. heard only good things from hardcore film buffs and DAMN, it was really good… Danny Boyle(28 days later, Slumdog Millionaire) is 3 for 3 legitimately! the story was crazy! The movie goes by pretty fast and James Franco will probably be up for a best actor award for this film…. and Danny Boyle will definitely be up for best director again. I won’t say much else except that it wasn’t the blue dream again that made this movie better…. I won’t spoil it. The cinematography was super dope! you wanna know what’s even doper than the assigned seating at the Arclight???? they have points on their rewards and I never used them…. so all of our concessions which was a lot were paid for from the rewards! haha, damn I see a lot of movies!

after that we smoked some more then went home and watched Starsky and Hutch(DO IT, DO IT!) and then passed the fuck out

oh and as if I wasn’t food coma’d enough, Apolo sent me this pic

please believe when I touchdown in the 206, this place will be a necessary stop for me



woke up early as fuck and caught up on more emails and follow ups…. I’m gonna blog tomorrow or the next day about my definition of being broke and my definition of being rich because it’s not the normal scale of what others think those 2 words mean. Not going to get all deep into metaphors on how wealth can be measured in love…. etc etc, but more of the actual gross money meanings to me

so my facebook “like” page is getting a LOT of hits and it’s only still a few months new…. so it’s dope to see that people like to visit the page

yup! maybe that ain’t a lot, but it’s up big time in page views!

I went into work and then hit the mall to do some lightweight browsing to see what I wanted to get my close family, friends and VIP clients….

As for xmas gifts for myself? I got a list I put up each year for my close friends and family to check out and to my admirers of the blog to peep….. because I don’t want anything for xmas! these are basic ass basic things on my list! for real!

its so hard for me to actually buy anything I like these days…. I copped a polo sweater and ALMOST copped a Moncler jacket and vest, but they didn’t have a size 2 or 3, only Large sizes…. I really wish I copped Moncler from 8 seasons ago when they had the all matte black vests and jackets, not crazy about the shiny patent leather look.

when I got home, I watched ELF for the 1st time and damn, that shit was pretty funny…. could be in the top few holiday movies I’ve seen
I got a text from a colleague of mine who just got a new car

the exact text read “JUST COPPED!” so I guess this is payback for the last 5 years of showing off/bragging texts and myspace pics I’ve been guilty of huh? smh damn! I wish I could drop $300k right now, but I’m trying to be good

Saturday night I didn’t do a damn thing but think and talk to myself about what I was or wanted to do and I executed none of the above…. Nic was out with a her friends having a good time… I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to order or if I should make myself a sammich. I had a night all to myself doing jack shit, OH but I did blog the thanksgiving dinner and did walk to the liquor store to get some ginger ale! oh yay! I’m an old boring fuck

While watching Lockup Raw on MSNBC, I did see a commercial/informercial for a new invention called “EASY FEET” and this shit looked crazy dope! I mean it was so ill I even contemplated on calling the #!!! I even tweeted about it…. this company/invention could do $100 million easily! Right after I tweeted about EASY FEET, my big homey Estevan Oriol picture messaged me this

he said “what’s easy feet? can it help me?”
HELL FUCKING NAW ESE’! damn! Estevan spent over a month shooting fotos(I spelled it that way on purpose, fuck you) in Brasil…. the lucky bastard was unlucky while walking on the beachs in Rio de Janeiro. thank god for medical insurance!


morning woke up to early ass texts from my friends who live in different parts of the state who are too god damn old to not know that 5am my time is early as fuck regardless where you are in the earth!
and then the world traveler, DJ extraordinaire Felix da Housecat bbm’s me “you insane as hell lol” at 5:08am… I’m like how many bottles of mezcal is this cat on right now? happens to be he just finished djing in SF or LA, so god bless him because I know he woke up with a really bad headache lol.

Apolo’s book tour is in town! HAHA, I didn’t know what to expect because the only friend I have that has published their own book was Nicole Richie and I didn’t really go to any of her signings…. but DAMN!

He told me Long Beach had around 250 or so fans lined up! I was hyped…. but he said average was in the 500+ to 600+ on the east coast stops! WOW!
man, Apolo is hitting like 4 to 5 cities a day on this west coast tour! it’s really crazy! I don’t know how he even focus’s on anything! today he was hitting Long Beach, Century City, Thousand Oaks and then Santa Barbara! then off to Bakersfield, Fresno, Bay Area San Francisco and then Redding, then more up the north west all the way to almost Vancouver… then finishes off in Salt Lake City or Provo, Utah… I forget, but again…. DAMN!

Shit, where do I start?
me and Nic get to Century City and 1 of Apolo’s book tour guys gets us and we get on his tour bus….


my boy is working it! haha

so as we get on, Apolo’s on doing some last minute signings…. he doesn’t stop!
so before we get started on Zero Regrets… let’s talk about this coach…. HOLY SMOKES!
now you know I’ve been on some nice coaches/buses, between Drake and all the other artists I’ve seen with a nice bus from video shoots etc, but this one was shitting on everyone’s so far! Apolo had this thing filled with everything he needed! for real. except for naked girls(just kidding) he literally had iller shit than I’ve seen on 95% of any musician’s bus I’ve seen…. there were 6 beds, a back room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen…. but he had a big flat screen with WIFI! real satelite tv, not that bullshit that goes out when you’re passing the ZZYZZXX exit on the 15 hwy….
he had a nintendo wii and a fucking BLU-RAY DVD PLAYER! haha, not the regular dvd players you usually see, but he had the works!

sorry, had to blur out the network key/code for those who might try to hack Apolo’s cpu!


he had a mini version of his bus as well…. APOLO ANTON OHNO YOU SON OF A GUN…. you are killing me! haha, Asians doing it in the USA, but he’s international like James Bond for real!

I need this team Apolo Ohno staff shirts bro, EARLY! haha, i’m totally 100% serious! you got book tour staff members rocking shit, the name is a household one! and I love your marketing, fuck it, force feed it! shit is so big right now! I love seeing my homey’s come up!

so 2 of Apolo’s homeys get on the bus and also his manager shows up…. we all chop it up real quick about etc etc… and then it’s showtime for AAO

rockin the Crooks shades! haha… mean muggin when you know this guy is sweeter than cotton candy lol…

we get off to have Apolo’s photographer take some group pics with a REAL CAMERA… not my bootleg point and shoot


this guy reps IF and Co so hard smh…. even the bus had the pic of his mug rocking the dog tags and on every interview he has on our jewelry…. btw, Apolo even though I know I can text you, when you read this part…. make sure you don’t forget we got a brand new black gold pvd bead bracelet waiting for you at the shop…..

so Apolo gets escorted into Borders and we follow….


you probably can’t see from the pic, but this is the very back of the store…. and the line starts way in the front and wraps around like a perfect U….. damn Apolo is fast! with the pen, the greetings and all that!

Nic’s mom showed up with her brother and she wanted to meet Apolo so I quickly set that up!

lol, Nic’s mom is a really good dancer and takes Zumba dance classes every sunday night! So apolo asked her if she can dance lmao! they took a few pics and I think Nic’s mom immediately uploaded them to her facebook. awesome…. He signed a few books and then we rushed off to go eat because we were all starving!

we went next door to Pink Taco because that was the most feasible place to eat at that time and we needed to get in and out, well apolo needed to head out to Thousand Oaks asap!
**** EDIT ****


so we all chopped it up some more… I love hearing Apolo’s stories, because they’re mostly worldly stories, not some regular local shit and we all always have jokes. btw, Apolo is the person who gave me the word “THROATCHOP”…. because of one of his homey’s from Laos caught an ill throatchop outside of the Sofitel hotel one day lololololol….. that guy is a killer too! man I swear Apolo knows so many characters!

so he took off and is out finishing the rest of his tour…. if you want to catch up with him, check his twitter feed or his website (google Apolo Ohno Zero Regrets Book tour)
I’ve been writing already since 7:30am…. I’m too tired to hot link smh

safe travels bro, god bless! and I’ll see you real soon.

lastly, one of the best things about Apolo is that he isn’t delusional 1 bit… he knows this shit can end. he knew after the olympics, he needed to equate that smile and his talents into dollars and sense….. you aren’t hot forever, but while you are or even luke warm, go out there and get that shit! more importantly, AAO is about self help and motivation on being better everyday…. like I’ve said before, if I can be a better man today than I was yesterday, be better this week, than I was last week, then I’m doing just fine.

you’re a solid guy!
so after that, obviously we couldn’t just leave the Mall and not shop!
I walked into Bloomingdales who I was shocked to see had a selection of Moncler vests and jackets and of course, none in my size… not even in the shiny joints….
I walked into 4 stores and tried on at least 10 items total and couldn’t find shit! not only do I have a very long face, I have an extra long torso, so it’s hard for me to find clothes. sucks….

got a cherry coke and waited around while Nic did some shopping and of course she found some things lol….
we got some shit at the container store and even though this place is over priced… I could always spend money here…. love that place!

we finally left and parking in the regular shit was $12! wtf? lol…. I haven’t paid for parking in a mall in the longest! so I was shocked… but we were there for over 4 hours

I went home and what do you think I did? went to sleep…. woke up and Nic was out with her friends
and then……

what do you think we did? we all got together and went to see a movie. lol
I copped tickets online for the 4 of us (3 girls and 1 stud) and went to go see “Love and other drugs”(the 3rd movie this weekend!)
now I’m not a big fan of Jake Gyllenthal(sp?) or Anne Hathaway, but my girl and the girls really wanted to see this movie…. I heard mixed reviews…. but fuck it right?
I got a gang of food (kill me) and we sat down in our assigned seats
of course the typical love stories have been done and done so many times…. but there was a small twist on this and it was one of the better romantic comedies… maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic with a thug shell? nawwwww….
I really really liked the movie… lots of good parts and GO TAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND TO SEE IT. it’ll make you smile and give you some warmth (how many times do I need to tell you that it is fucking cold as the south pole in LA????!)
it could be 90 degrees in LA, but since the Century City mall has so many corridors, it gets windy and is always colder there than anywhere else!
again, the movie is good… you see Anne Hathaway naked many times throughout the movie…. it was funny and worth the money…. 2 out of 3 movies ain’t bad huh?

what else???? hmmmm

there’s a filmmaker named IL who is making a student film for AFI about K-Town, the real insight into koreatown, not some gay ass exploited punk lame shit these idiots including Tyrese are making… btw, Tyrese make a show about Watts bro, or Compton… after submitting to every network and being denied by all of them so far (there are a few left I’m sure) you know how hard it is to get a show picked up huh? anyways…. IL didn’t want to ask people from OC or Cerritos or out of state who party or visit K-Town, he wanted to ask a real native… so I’m gonna make some time to fuck with dude…. I’m excited to see what this is all about…

also doing an interview for aka HypeMen anyone ever heard of these cats? supposedly a big deal and they get a lotta love from the hip hop blogs… I’m gonna do this with my boy Scott Vener who is the music supervisor for Entourage and was an exec over at MTV for a long time….

so we’re down to 51 pieces left to make before xmas… and we’ll definitely make our deadline!
shit’s been moving lovely at the store! thank you everyone for real!

my baby is leaving this week for NYC to hang with her friends… I may hit San Diego or Houston for some work… but I got some interesting meetings(plan B) and deals to make, close and finish… so holla

p.s. I need to see either an allergist or a acupuncturist because these sudden allergies are kicking my asshole… zyrtec isn’t working, benedryl is so temporary and Allegra is barely working. FUCK! help me!

alright…. enough

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