24 in the Whale’s Vagina

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nothing special…
just letting y’all know about my boring ass day in San Diego….

the drive sucked (I just really hate driving and flying? I did that once, it took longer to fly than drive and even more of a hassle) and of course there was traffic and rain

yes, my heads up display reads “0 MPH” smh
that shit went on for almost an hour! I woulda paid $200 to avoid it, swear I would have….

it gets better (kidding)
a few years ago, like 2006-2007, I would have never driven or flown anywhere for a $10,000 job…. now? shit I’ll fly to anywhere in the USA or drive 1.5 hours for it…. but I wouldn’t fly outta the USA for less than $50,000 lol

I mean…. last minute, I got a decent deal, but smh
this is the “W”
I personally like the Andaz (used to be the Ivy) or the Se or the Hard Rock when it comes to San Diego… I’ll even take the Westin (not horton, but regular Westin) when it comes to downtown gaslamp area….

I don’t mean old folks either! like youngins!


bootleg ass lobby….


 cheap ass room…. like 300 square feet and the only room available on the top 3 floors (this is the 19th floor “fake penthouse”) but the bathroom was money and the furnishings were kinda money, but not dope like the “W” hotels I know or have stayed at.

the view was not so awesome either


I paid for a “fabolous room” which is the “spectacular room with a fabulous view” this shit was neither! and I told them! so they discounted the room price, but I’m still complaining!

whoa! but hold up! don’t trip that the TV is a 32″ screen which is the size of my old cpu monitor…..
they got this for you if you get bored!

smh…. a chalkboard was one of their selling points!
sheeeeeiiutttttt! lol

the room service wasn’t bad at all…..
btw, I’ve had around 75 total carbs since sunday night and I’ve lost 5lbs with my back on the adam goldston diet…. I need to chill the fuck out… I had gained 18lbs. since I met NIC! smh…. means I’m happy? but I aint gonna fit into a tux at 190lbs!

so I had a low carb lunch/snack before meeting up with my client…

handled my simple ass business, of course dude is reading this and tried to bargain, but my prices are pretty much non negotiable because they are very low considering the quality….
checked out a few streetwear spots real quick and there was nothing great….

after that, I headed over to this sportsbar in the gas lamp….. man tues night is definitely dead in Daygo, but in LA, tues night is fucking popping! so I walk into the bar and there’s mad army/marine cats… and with all the asians and mexicans that live in the 619, I’m surprised about how much racial tension/energy I can feel inside this bar…. even my boy Matt George could see it, but he looks like a US federal agent…. so he ain’t gettin fucked with lol.
btw, I heard Fluxx is cracking…. but again, nobody parties on tuesdays in San Diego and in fact the last time I was in San Diego was with Drake for the Sun God Festival….

I had enough and by the 3rd quarter, I shook back to the “W” which should be called the “L” for LOSING
the bar area and shit is dead back at the telly….. if you walk into the westwood “W” or the hollywood “W”, the lobby is always popping! early!


straight ghost town!
so only one thing to do while in San Diego and bored… call Ryan Loco to save you!

and sure enough within 30 minutes…. my boy Ryan was downstairs lookin like Frank Shamrock lol

shout out to Ryan though because he knew where the “Rose” was for real…

btw, that’s like 8 to 10 grams of carbs max for what I drank…. champagne has very low carbs

we got a little bromance goin and then headed out to this spot in the gaslamp called “Brians 24”

the food wasn’t bad at all. like I would fuck with this spot often and will when I come back….


the place was dead, but I could give a fuck, I just wanted a quiet spot with good food and something easy…. wasn’t looking on hitting Nobu without wifey or like Flemings etc….. and also, it’s tricky on what I can eat….


that was 28 grams of carbs total (including the ranch dressing, yes, trust! I’ve done this before and lost 50lbs.)

but like a jerk…. Ryan got it in!

he took away the bread because he felt bad about my diet…. but he still had them french fries…. and man! my favorite carbs are french fries and bread! smh oh and pasta!

we chopped it up….. was talking about everything from instagram to mma to vegas to Encinitas real estate to Niketalk #NT
speaking of instagram…

I hit 1,000 followers on instagram in less than 2 months! that’s big lol

and now speaking of Niketalk aka #NT me and Ryan met on that forum in 2001/2002 like I met the owners of the Hundreds, met Wale, just blaze, Nick Diamond, Travis McCoy and sooooo many more peeps on there.

chopped it up some more and headed back to the telly

so 2 bad motherfuckers #NT lol…. K-TOWN HUSTLER AND MUSCLE 68!
haha, we had to get a flick for instagram!

I musta asked Ryan about 400 questions about MMA shit from steroids to training to everything because Ryan has a MMA radio show “TAPOUT RADIO” and he knows everybody in the UFC or MMA world…..

it got late and he wasn’t down with sleeping over lol
yo Ryan, mad love, thanks for buying me dinner and the Rose’! let’s get up again with the double date steez whether it be Coronado or Wild Animal Park…. much love again!

so I watched some bullshit ass movie on pay per view and then switched that shit to my ipad netflix and the wifi for $15 was so bootleg also! smh

so woke up early….
again the low carb room service breakfast was damn good! like 4 grams total! egg white omelete with turkey sausage and fat free american cheese…. some fruit and I was good! btw, it’s been either iced tea or mad water….. sucks! NO MEXICAN COKES! NO MEXICAN SPRITES!

and I was ready to shake… even though the room sucked, it was just a job I drove down for and …..

this is all that matters when I think about it…. JOB COMPLETE!

so I checked out

wanted to leave a message to the “W” hotel staffers or maids

as I was walking to the elevator, I seen a room across from me open and I asked the maid if I can take a picture of the view….. btw, there is only 1 suite on the penthouse floor and a 4 cool corner suites… here’s the penthouse bay view lol


the coolest thing about the “W” hotel San Diego is that Tiger Woods did some of his scumbag dirt there smh

but I got filled the 7 with the right petro and said PEACE DAYGO!

to back to Slauson and to my meeting before noon!


I got some loose ends to handle today, ship some things and just handle biz.

everyone remember, the grind don’t wait for anyone. just get it in as best as you can


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