23 random things about me you don’t know

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So after having a convo with my pops about things that have happened in the last 25 years….
he asked me, how come you never brought home a korean girl? I would have liked to see you marry one or at least have dated one throughout your life to date…. so that brought me to random things most people don’t know about me. remember, I keep this blog pretty simple to movies, experiences, obviously jewels and cars and other shit, but there’s still a lot that I don’t mention and keep private due to obvious reasons. I’d say less than 10 people in my life know me know me, like real well. Most people see me in a pic and think that’s my car, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. Some people see me in a pic with a girl, they immediately assume I’m dating that girl or doubt me when they don’t see pics and vice versa…. what kills me is the ben is broke comments and then the same people say girls are gold diggers for dating me; wtf? huh? I never counted anyone else’s pockets. But from 2004 to 2007 I’d always get, is that his car? how does he drive that? he can’t drive that car(but it would be my every day driver for over a year and not mine huh? smh) man, ask the source directly, that’s why in some ways I love twitter, because you can cut out the chit chat or middle man. I don’t abuse this blog to blast or roast people on here, that’s a waste of time; I’ve done that only once ever to date and it was beyond well deserved…. so again after the convo with pops today, I thought i’d share some things I don’t think a lot of you know. I’ve mentioned things before that shocked people; i.e. pledging Kappa Alpha Psi, playing college ball to something stupid like growing up and going to high school with jk aka drunken tiger(I don’t get why that even matters? in the big scheme of things, I didn’t know he was such a big deal, but I’ve always had love for my lil homey JK) I also went to high school with lenny kravitz and angelina voight aka Angelina Jolie who I used to drive her home and thought she was really cute back in the late 80’s, but never got caught up in the hype when she blew up and changed her last name…..
so here we go with some random FACTS and stories on some of the FACTS.

in no real particular order:

1. I’ve never dated or had a korean girlfriend ever in my life. Not even a 1/2 korean girlfriend.
(fyi, I’ve only dated 2 full asian girls in my life; 1 chinese and the other vietnamese and both of those relationships were almost 8 to 10 years ago. not that there’s anything wrong with korean girls, I just never found one I wanted to be with, so that can end some confusion if any about internet rumors, etc) BUT I don’t have a preference in ethnicity when it comes to dating.

2. since we’re on the Korean tip… I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN TO KOREA BEFORE! Yup, I’ve never been to the motherland, the mecca! due to issues with my father and some past history, I wasn’t really allowed into the country until like a year ago, I plan to go soon and I can’t wait. I’ve been to almost every country in Asia except my own.

3. I have a severe fear for flying(weird huh?) It’s one of my strongest phobia’s and I’ve flown to over 30 different countries in my lifetime including every single 1 of the 50 states several times over and then some, which gives me well over 1 million miles of air/flight time. I thought I was having a heart attack every time I was on a plane; around 2002, I finally started to take ambien and valium(prescribed to me) to relax and sleep on my plane trips and this was after I was banned from an airline forever for freaking out on a flight from Atlanta to Capetown, South Africa direct (I had watched almost every episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and still couldn’t calm myself down, I freaked out and still had like 5 hours left to fly… I took almost the entire supply of oxygen for emergency purposes to try to relax and I even almost drank the entire supply of drinking water on the plane…. the air marshall came up to me and detained me with zip ties and that made shit only worse… smh… hence why I fly only 1st class on flights even to SF or Las Vegas which are like 1 hour flights….. I’m much better now, but for flights longer than 8 hours, I get buggy *sigh* trip to asia in a few months!

4. In 1998, I was asked to star in a small independent film called “Catfish & Black Bean Sauce” opposite of Sanaa Lathan(which had I known it was her, I woulda probably did the film lol) that movie was Sanaa’s debut acting role in a film.

5. In the 1997 grammy’s, I accepted the grammy on behalf of Dr. Dre (I think Dre was nominated for 2 grammy’s, but he won 1 award and he said I could go up and accept the award lol, I was hyped, but didn’t say shit, but “On behalf of Dr. Dre and Aftermath, I accept this award in his honor) I was in NYC looking for talent for the American Pimp soundtrack and currently employed by Aftermath Entertainment and this was after Biggie got shot in LA, so since the grammy’s were in NYC, Dre didn’t go due to the east coast/west coast beef, so I asked him, Yo dre, if you win, can I go up and accept for you? He said hell yeah my asian homey haha
(another random fact is, when dre needed background vocalists to say random shit, I’d go in the booth with whoever was in the studio and say whatever he wanted us to and he’d put down on background vocals “black people + 1” )

6. From 6th grade until I graduated high school, I was kicked out of 10 schools…. smh! reasons being from gambling to mostly fighting to flipping off a nun in catholic school. (yeh, I was a bad kid)

7. Twins run in my family…. My mother has an identical twin sister who I’ve never met and my grandfather had an identical twin…. my nieces are twins and my cousin is expecting twins right now…. I could be lucky and have twins maybe huh?

8. My favorite movie of all time is (a dead tie) Stir Crazy and Enter The Dragon, I’ve watched both movies each over 500 times easily…..

9. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had a bad case of Sleepwalking and talking in my sleep. One time in 1st grade during a sleep over with over a dozen kids from my class, I woke up in my friends sister’s bed and all eyes were on me. smh

10. I have never ever seen the movie E.T. (for anyone in the age range of 30 to 50, this is very rare lol)

11. I was a professional Break-Dancer at the early age of 10. I was discovered at a KROQ breakdance contest in Huntington Beach, CA hosted by the Poorman and from there it was on…. I was endorsed by the women’s shoe company Nine West(lol) and would break-dance outside their store on the weekends at the santa anita mall…. later I met Ice T and he hooked me up with some gigs at the infamous RADIO TRON nightclub and even was an extra in the movie Breakin’ (boogaloo shrimp and crazy legs were my idols in the mid 80’s) crazy huh? at 12 years of age, I saved enough money from my paper route and stuff to take a flight to NYC to meet the Rock Steady Crew

12. I didn’t learn how to swim until I was 15 years old. I was petrified of the water from watching Jaws and even with 8 years of swim lessons, I never learned and almost drowned 2 times in friends pools. The only reason I finally learned was because we had to take a physical exam for school and since I played sports, I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of this girl I liked (smh) so I finally learned by almost drowning in the swim gym at Beverly Hills High.

13. Spanish was my 1st speaking language, huh? yep…. spanish was my 1st language because I was raised by a mexican nanny until the age of 11. English was an immediate 2nd and Korean was my 3rd language. My spanish was so fluent that my school used me as a translator for kids who just came in from mexico. I remember they used to look at me like I was crazy! I lost most of my spanish at around mid high school and I promised myself that I would perfect my korean and have a full conversation with my grandma in korean before she passed a few years ago, but that never happened.

14. I’m highly allergic to the following things: Shrimp, Crab, Lobster (not all shellfish and sometimes I can eat shrimp depending on how it’s cooked) honeydew, most melons, coconut.

15. I’m a hypochondriac, I used to be a severe hypochondriac and would check web md for all types of symptoms of diseases I didn’t have… once I thought I was bipolar and then sent all the symptoms to DJ AM and he said he had 100% of all those symptoms too! lol…. I got so bad that I was banned from 2 doctor’s offices for calling them and visiting for (they say) ridiculous reasons and wasting their time when they said I was in perfect health, but also suggested that I might be crazy mentally, but physically I was all good. lol

16. In my sophomore year in college (San Francisco State), I lettered in 3 sports; Football (left cornerback) Basketball (2 guard) and placed 2nd in state in wrestliing at 167lbs.

17. when I was in Junior High School, Maria Shriver called my house 3 times to speak to my dad to interview him for something in regards to korean politics and I hung up on her every time…. so on the 4th call, she threatened to have her husband Arnold Schwartzenegger beat me up if I hung up again and didn’t relay the message to my dad…. I later found out she wasn’t kidding about who her husband was, so I didn’t go to my dads office after school for a long time and took the bus home instead.

18. in 1997 I got into a fight with actor Elliott Gould(huge iconic actor) in the makeup room on the set of the movie The Big Hit. I was there because my best friend at the time(china chow) was the star of the movie and I was visiting her in Toronto during filming for a few weeks and Mark Wahlberg and Christina Applegate were already old friends of mine…. Elliott said who is this kid? and I got offended and was like who the fuck are you? what movies have you been in? he said kid I’ve been in so many movies I don’t remember, so I got more heated and said, well let’s step outside and as I was trying to choke him, all kinds of people broke up the fight and the director and John Woo asked China to not bring me onto set anymore lol…. later my brother was like, Ben you don’t know who Elliott Gould is? smh, he’s fucking huge, he was also married to Barbara Streisand for christ’s sake! lol…. man I was so fucking embarrassed…. shit that was a fun trip!

19. Towards the end of my professional DJ career, I hated to go to work and had DJ’s fill in for me from DJ VICE to Eric Cubeechee to DJ Echo and many others…. so one saturday night while djing at the dragonfly, I pre-recorded my entire 3 hour set on 3 different cd’s and even recorded fake shout outs to club regulars who I knew would be in the club that night and locked the dj booth and played xbox the entire time. lol sorry Wes, sorry Greg ^_^

20. in 2000, I was shot in the back for breaking up a domestic violence dispute between a girl I just met and went on a date with and her boyfriend who I didn’t know she was still with. He hit her a few times and on the 4th punch to her face, I couldn’t take it anymore, I just couldn’t watch a woman get beat up by a man, so I grabbed dukes hand(big mistake, NEVER INTERRUPT A DOMESTIC DISPUTE! nothing comes between dick and pussy!) and so as I grabbed dudes hand we immediately got into a fist fight and I remember sweating profusely and was completely out of breathe, dude pulled out a gun and started shooting so I got my zig zag running styles on and heard 3 shots, I knew I couldn’t be that lucky and once I heard the 3rd shot, I felt something that was like 800 degrees hit my left middle side of my back and I went down…. from there, I knocked and banged on every single residents door who lived in that girls building and finally a guy opened the door and it got like pulp fictionish…. long story short, the police came and took me to the hospital and gave me a morphine drip and I had so much adrenaline that I didn’t even feel the pain for the 1st hour….. anyways, a few months later, the guy who shot me was killed in a car accident; so weird, so random, but the FACT is that I’ve been shot before and only once, but hopefully my last and it sucked. lol

*added some extra random things*
21. I had a meeting set up with tupac to rap a 16 bar verse over a song for my group “Tha Truth” which was written by Faith Evans who was also my groups vocal coach. I wanted Pac on the song because 1. I knew he’d do it and 2. I already had Faith singing on the hook and the label clearance. The meeting was set up the day he died. Not the day he was shot, but the friday he passed which was almost a week after he was shot. I went to the set of Gang Related with one of the producers Brad Johnson who also co-owned the restaurant I worked at with Denzel Washington…. Brad set everything up so nicely and I had met pac from djing Jada Pinketts Bday a few years prior and also met him with Faith not too long before and I’ll keep some of the rest of this shit to myself… smh

now what makes it even weirder, I wanted to get BIGGIE on the American Pimp soundtrack(which never happened btw and I have SOME INSTRUMENTAL HEAT FROM THAT SHIT by DRE….. and I was at NRG studios in North Hollywood and B.I.G. was just finishing up the album and had Hypnotize smashing on the radio…. I actually took this line from him “I’m hungrier than a hostage” and he was chillin listening to my beat selection and I wanted him on 2 things, 1 on the soundtrack and 2 on a song with my artist King Tee…. Lil Cease was there, my boy Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz brought me to the studio to meet him and he was cool as shit….. we chopped it up and had studio time set up to record which was set for the day after he died. fucking weird huh?

22. My first real job ever (not paper route or handing out fliers, etc) was at Burger King and Subway sandwich in 1989. I fucking hated working there, but did it for almost a year for $4.50 an hour

23. I owned an exotic car rental business with an ex NBA player and we had 8 cars(ferrari’s, lambos, bentley’s) that we picked up, some ours, (well all were ours) and some were acquired from NBA players and random guys who couldn’t make their car note payments which ranged from $3,500 a month to $6,500 a month….. we rented out this 2004 phantom for almost a month at $3,000 a day and it was always out and after some months, we paid the car off…. the business was real lucrative for about 3 years and then died real real fast. the cars were parked at my condo and all the people who live in my building thought I was doing something shady as hell.

haha! there’s so many stories, I could go on forever… but just some FACTS about things I’ve done or FACTS about my life and me. so I hope you got a little more insight on who this long faced asian jeweler/blogger is.

there’s other random shit that I have on my facebook… but this is just something I was thinking of while waiting around the hospital. fuck it

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