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yeah, I will get into pics and some stories… but really? this weekend sucked! L.A. hosting the all star weekend brought out the worst of every hood from everywhere in america. real talk….
reports from friends of people going to the beverly center shooting fake music videos…. people singing harmonies like this is some 40’s doo wop barber shop corner…. smoking blunts and ROLLING FUCKING DICE???!!! all this happening inside the beverly center? I mean the BC has already been gone to shit… but smh, they put in the prada and fendi and louis and gucci to bring up the malls value, but it’s just been looking minimum wage in there as of 2005+

then let’s just start by my Friday morning by driving to the ritz carlton and being asked mad questions because I didn’t have the time to dress like a “jeweler”? gtfoh! took care of my VIP clients and after when I looked at Nokia Live…. it looked like east st louis…. east new york and south central to the worst parts of the south all mixed into one… I mean, I don’t even know what to say…. there were cats handing out mixtapes… in electric royal blue raw denim suits and sunglasses.. SUNGLASSES! IT WAS RAINING YOU COCKSUCKERS! smh….

so then I shook out to K-Town to meet up with the homey D-Crooks….. we sat down and had a boss meal to talk over some biz and talk about the people who already got jacked the night before at NICE CLUBS! not hood ones!
we ordered up the official galbi and roast gui and ChoSan has 1 of the best selections of prime meat…. but their ban chan is the best for sure….
so on the way back to the westside, we convoy’d over to Mr Brainwash’s Studio because I heard he just did a SICK PIECE! (everyone on the internet says it was banksy because MBW has the style or creativity of a nail)….
and yes indeed, I won’t lie, that shit was sick!



there were 4 cameras all over MBW’s studio if you can’t see…. but he had the stormtroopers holding down the fort…. btw, if you didn’t know why banksy’s been in town and why this Oscar piece is up…. it’s because Banksy is up for an Academy Award for best documentary for “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

2 korean fux…. and you know we thought about how we could steal this piece lol!

well speaking of D Crooks… he’s always got 100 hustles as most of my korean homies do…. check out this chakra necklace he made…. shit is very fly!

and yes I compliment other peoples jewels…. if you guys ever remember seeing those HUGE Crooks N Castles Logo pieces? yep… those were his

so I had to shake to meet up some more clients…. it was nice to get to these nice beverly hills hotels and see every single D Boy or major hustler and a lotta rappers staying there. shit is funny to me…. I love the reverse role playing in a way though…. I mean, a lotta these places used to treat me like shit and you’d never see people of color in these 5 star hotels…. then all of a sudden, they’re all there, bossing around the hotel staff lol.
met up with my boy John Monopoly as he wanted to cop some nice ROCKS for his ears… something VS1 and E color…. yes, a car basically on the ears….

then I met up with the boss of Chicago my man who holds down the 312 way harder than Ye does. no joke…. btw before I forget to mention because this is friday and I’m going to sunday… but Yeezy? wtf is up with your Dr. Dre from the world class wrecking crew outfit you had on? I’m not mad at the 3 Jesus pieces but damn! haha

went up to meet up with all my new chitown fam and they were holding it down in a 7 million dollar mansion for the weekend…. the rate of it was like the same price of getting 85 rooms at the Mondrian hotel lol…. #RealBallers
BUT anyways…. he already got his neck on frosty chill status…. but his wrists now are really saying “you should quit”


now, these both weigh over 100 grams each! solid ass gold bead bracelets! all prong set, 5 rows of prong set diamonds and just silly! VS diamonds on the white and grade A black diamonds…. stop playing….

finally got home after running around the entire day and was exhausted!
turned on the TV to see my lil homey Rob Kardashian trying to ball in the celeb game…. but at least he was rocking APL’S! haha
speaking of APL’s

Adam and Ryan were on the news again! APL was big this weekend for the NBA all star game! good shit!

didn’t feel like going anywhere too crowded and I was NOT ENTERING HOLLYWOOD OR DOWNTOWN OR EAST OF LA CIENEGA REALLY! soooo we walked into houstons…. 40 min wait…. gulfstream… 30 min wait… PINK TACO 45 MIN WAIT! PINK SHITTY TACO? smh…. we walked into this spot called ToscaNova and honestly? the food gets a C- rating….

I was gonna head to go see my fam fam Wale and JCole at the house of blues, but I hit Wale too late… then he hit me back and asked how many tickets I needed…. 1. I felt bad and I knew he’s come through…. 2. Nic hates rap music lol… so I said fuck it
Later on I drove passed Drais and was about to walk in…. until I seen some hoodrats fight outside by the entrance and said, what the fuck is going on? my good homey inside said it was nothing special to a regular night in there… and for the guys, there weren’t really any bad ones for y’all…. just a lotta basic chicks in their best bebe dresses trying to catch… wednesday nights I heard go off harder than that kobe kanye party did.

As I got immediately off Hollywood Blvd, I seen the streets looked waaaay worse than Slauson and Crenshaw Blvd. smh….

later that night, I heard there were a few stabbings and A LOT OF FIGHTS! I heard from my boy who’s a papparazzi was listening to his police scanner all night and he said it was non stop….. meanwhile as I was driving home, I have never seen that many police ever! I saw close to 400 police cars driving home…. smh

on the westside towards Beverly Hills… all I heard all night long were fucking police and ambulance sirens until the break of dawn! smh
I had my new Methuselah (6L) of Perrier Jouet…. so fuck it, I was good

look at the size comparison of the regular bottle of Cristal to the beast 6 Liter of PJ…. even had to add the cherry Dr. Pepper to give you an idea of how much an asshole you have to be to cop a methuselah

good night!


I get call early from my homey Homicide who tells me he’s gonna have breakfast with Premier and Russell Peters and Jazzy Jeff over at Roscoes….. he said it was a 3 hour wait and he never seen shit like that in his life and Craig grew up in the hood lol…. man it was sooo bad!
while Homicide was talking shit…. I was scoping a new Kaws dissected to cop!

I had to get it in at my store and take care of a few more things….
dropped off some freshly made new fully iced out Dog Tags to D Wade


as you can see, these are the FULL size dog tags…. i.e. Apolo’s dog tags are the medium sized ones…. Nic’s dog tags are medium sized too…. but D Wade is like 6′ 4″? and btw he writes me a check for the balance like it’s a me writing a check for $500 smh

so then I head over to that fresh ass house in the hills again to make a drop off and before I leave, I had to take a pic of just the views….. I mean the inside and movie theater and everything was already super PIFF…. so sick, but waking up to these views are just silly….


the view from outside….


the bedroom view….. shits on reggie bush’s view and Reggie lives right below lol….

and you know my boy knows his champagne…. because real sparkling wine snobs don’t drink cristal or ace…. a lot prefer Veuve over those…. but the real ones choose Perrier Jouet

he got this from his homey….. I asked why? he said because he knew I was lightweight stressed out. ha! who can be mad at that? NOBODY!

so after that…. I got a basic ass lunch and met up with 1 last client…. showed him like 20 different items and almost forced this fool to buy something! I said man you ain’t even in the all star game! might as well look the part! cmon! haha…. got em!

went back to the trap and talked shit on the phone with some homeys…. some from LV, some from OC (wtf?lol)
Nic went to go grab her best friend Bella from LAX who was flying in from NYC…..

I gave up my Dunk Contest tickets (the only ones I had all weekend) because there was literally 2 hour traffic delays near me and all the way downtown…. IN MY LIFE I HAVE NEVER SEEN TRAFFIC THAT BAD EVER! EVER! NEVER! so it stressed me out something awful…. that’s why I stayed my ass home or on the westside….

while I watched the Dunk Contest…. now I liked the dunk that had 2 balls into 2 rims… that took talent…. but anyone can say what they want to…. dunking over a fucking KIA is some shit…. shut the fuck up period! NOT ONLY WAS IT DOPE AND THE CAR WAS SUPER FRESH…. THE HOMEY BD THREW THE BALL OUT OF THE FUCKING SUNROOF! CMON MANE! Blake is a beast and once he finesses his game, he will be a lot of trouble for everyone….

watching my homey’s Far East Movement perform on stage was some shit…. I get choked up seeing them take it to next levels! I mean, yeah I was there with Drake before the real fame and helped out on SO FAR GONE and he’s a major super star now…. but it’s different… the milestone that FM has come and passed is a bigger one than even Drizzy’s to me at least…. FM hit me up because they were like you gotta come to our rooftop party at least…. we’re performing, Wiz is performing and Snoop is too… it’ll be off the hook!

I said, naw I’m straight…. there was no way I was gonna step into that bullshit…. homicide was djing downtown at Nokia Live at the Conga Room and he said the inside was okay, but once he stepped outside it was fucking the worst he’d seen and he said there was a soul train line at the valet…. people selling tshirts and shit… NO THANKS….

I took Bella and Nic to go to Robata Jinya and then see UNKNOWN …. we GOT IT FUCKING IN AT ROBATA JINYA! man the food was soooo goood! I was pissed they sold out of the premium ramen that they only serve 20 bowls a day…. but I still killed all the yakitori and other shit! we smoked some extra good OG before we ate… and then me and Bella killed some more before we hit the theaters….

now for the movie? I give the movie a B-…. it wasn’t as good as Taken, but it was good… just a plot twist kinda ruined it for me…. I won’t spoil it….
when we got back to my house…. sirens again, I heard there was just a shitload of fights, streets packed with hooligans and sunset and hollywood blvd were a mess…. cats driving around with outta state plates and doors open up like lambo doors on a 300c? really? IN THE RAIN YOU SIMPLE BASTARDS!!!???? SMH

good night!


I slept in…. and I mean slept in and it felt good…. got on twitter and seen all the fuckery and thanked god I didn’t get out and I didn’t hear one good thing about the clubs…. none of my club goer friends were saying that it was “that” shit! and some people I knew were just doing three much with the extras…. I heard some spots weren’t packed… not that many bottles being popped… not many drinks in hands period…. and I head average tickets to get in to these all star parties were from $150 to $500 a person! wow haha…. I can’t hate on my promoter friends who gotta protect their biz and say shit was poppin, but I don’t know….

what I do know is that I headed to Beverly Hills to get brunch at the Farm….
we had to wait a little bit, but later on…. the wait got to be over an hour…. everything there is organic and good! so we got in a healthy breakfast…. talked shit and then decided to walk over to Rodeo Drive… I wanted to get my mom a gift as it was her bday…. as I turn the corner on Brighton way to Rodeo I couldn’t believe my eyes…. Rodeo Drive was looking like Rodeo Road (anyone from LA knows where Rodeo is… pronounced like the show with horses and bulls) and I didn’t even think to walk into Gucci or LV as I knew that shit was just gonna be super hood!… seen Nelly with his boys in front of Bang & Olfsen and they looked lightweight shook! I mean, it was just packs of 5 to 8 cats at a time… all dressed real fucking sloppy and the girls? oh my godds…. the fashion statements they were trying to make just hurt my corneas for real for real!
the workers inside Chanel seemed so uneasy and uncomfortable…. I mean damn…..

so I hit Teuscher and Chanel and got the fuck outta there!

they didn’t like it there either…. but I live only 3 min away…..

got home and tried to rest….
it was my mom and brother in law’s bday dinner at Fogo De Chao and my family has dinner at 5pm (who the fuck eats at 5pm? and this has been going on for around 20 years now, not when I was living at home, but still WHY 5PM!) well I wasn’t complaining because I would then get to go home and watch the game before I got into some crazy shit!

I may have looked happy…. but my stomach was soooo food coma’d it was disgusting!

so I got home, watched the rest of the game and seen Kobe shit on everyone and get another All Star MVP….
shaved, showed and got fresh for the evening….

I was lightweight nervous because I only hired 1 security guard…. but then I found out the homey’s had 5 more hired…. so I said fuck it…. all in all, I only heard of 10 people getting jacked, but I’m sure there was a shit load more

I dropped off the girls at a bar to meet their friends and I get to Hollywood dreading and also hoping everyone left…. but nope, every club seemed to be crowded… well the 3 main ones I passed….
I get into the Kress parking lot and the guy says $40 to keep your key and VIP it or $100 in front of Kress entrance what’s it gonna be? I said give me the closest in between the $40 and the $100 to the gate of Kress and we got a deal… lol

walk up to the front and mind you this is early! like 10:30pm….
there’s maybe 75 people in front…. I’m not worried though, I’m hoping all my boys have a successful night….
I see John Monopoly who was part of putting it together and he walks me right in passed any bullshit…. my security is chillin…..
before I could walk up to the entrance…. they hit me to do the red carpet…. I feel weird when I do it because I’m not famous, I’m popular…. so I don’t know…. I do a few small interviews and I shake up to the roof…. there’s like 50 people on the roof maybe….. another 60 in the main room level 3 and I’m like okay…. shit this better get good for the homies….

I finally find my homies and we’re all downstairs in the basement finishing a bottle of goose…. just warming up really….
we get upstairs to the level 3 and the homey Sean Mac is djing and doing his MACnificent mile thang…. so we got our table right directly next to the stage….
as soon as we sit down…. order another bottle of goose and 2 bottles of Perrier Jouet Rose’ (they don’t have any veuve or Nectar Imperial Rose’) so my boy’s go the fuck in…. they order 5 more bottles of PJ Rose…. now I don’t know about y’all… but PJ Rose is $1,000 a bottle….
we got 1 magnum of goose… 2 bottles of regular goose… 1 bottle of Gran Patron(magnum) and 11 bottles of PJ Rose’! YES, CHAMPAGNE HOOLIGANS DOES NOT FUCK AROUND AT ALL!

by around midnight this place is fucking packed! shit is going the fuck off on all floors… they weren’t even letting people into level 3 anymore and the roof was sold out too! Skee was doing his thing upstairs on the roof while DJ DRAMA took over on level 3…..

tables were sold out, so they had to fill the basement up level even….
I seen the homey Clay (CEO of Grand Hustle) so we chopped it up for a min…. seen my man DJ 45 (fabs dj) so I knew Loso was almost in the building….. then I look outside the window and there was a line of a few hundred people trying to get in! and this was at 1am!….

once I seen the homey Fab pull up in the sprinter van… it was on, I knew it was on….
and when Fab got on the stage, my phone was dead which was my only camera smh…. and my brain was dead too…. but Fabolous and Red Cafe killed it! for the money honestly? if you want a good show… Fab is the best bang for your buck! he puts on a good show, he shows up and doesn’t have a fucked up diva attitude and he does a FULL SHOW! and he got HITS!!!!!

I don’t know what time that shit went til becuz I left at 3am….
here’s some pics…

whatever cash you see there…. its all gone now




again Fabolous and Red Cafe killed shit!

I don’t know what else to say except that 1 OFF ENTERTAINMENT HELD IT DOWN! them and John Monopoly and 3 Deep John know how to throw a fucking party!



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