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for over 7 years now, I have been hosting So Cal Summits for we’ve had them @ balboa park in the valley, sportscenter bowling alley, greyone, castle golf, lakers game(the night kobe scored 81 points @ staples center! do I pick them or what??) and most recently the last few have been @ Dodger stadium. I have had L-R-G sponsor a few of the events and I try to focus on making these events just a meet and greet, hang out with cats you been chatting with online for so long and put usernames to a face. I also try to get us sponsors to get us good affordable prices like $10 to $15 off tickets for these games by coordinating with the dodgers group sales team(thanks Jerry Lorenzo & Afton @ the dodgers) so that we can have not only our seats cheap, but our name of the summit on the big screen and our name of our event printed on the actual ticket.
a slight history of NT is a community that has given birth to many talented artists/brand founders etc…. from the hundreds to methamphibian to sneakerpimps to dunkxchange to of course myself in some of my marketing entities. NT has been the epicenter of blog/forums to almost any streetwear company around…. before hypebeast ever existed. it’s definitely in the top 10 most powerful message forums on the internet as for the targeted demographic of sneakerheads. I will say it’s not what it used to be, but we have people like Just Blaze, Kanye West, DJ SKEE, Wale, the Game and Chi McBride who peep the forum often. Many sneaker business’s as well have used NT as a crutch to get their names out there. So in return, I’ve showed love back to the NT community. NT gave birth to the worlds most infamous AMC sneaker crew which consisted of myself, DJ AM, DJ HOMICIDE & Methamphibian. We used to have events @ the nike Blu House and this was when sneaker collecting was fun (circa 2001-2004) after that it just got burnt out. But I met a lot of good people on this forum and thats why I try to stay active…. there was a 1 year or longer point of time where I didn’t visit or post at all.

well, last night, I hosted my last so cal summit @ dodger stadium(doesn’t mean I won’t attend them anymore, but I’m retiring from being the host/coordinator to all this) and it was the dodgers vs. the giants and we sat in the all you can eat seats as usual. the left field pavilion is so great because with Manny on board, you never know when a foul ball will come your way and where else can you eat all the dodgers dogs, nachos, peanuts, drinks, bottled water you want for price of discounted admission? I try my best to get everyone together and buy out rows so we sit together and just shoot the shit…… I love dodger fans in general…. there were at least 7 fights last night against SF fans and it was hillarious. I waited 23 minutes to pay $15 for a corona, but other than that and the 59 degree weather, it was a perfect night. the summit before last, we went on the night that Barry Bonds was chasing home run history….

anyways, lastly, I’d like to thank the NIKETALK community for being so great and they all surprised me last night by taking a collection of money to make me a plaque to show their appreciation for hosting these summits for the past few years. I actually got a little choked up, no joke. Tristen, thank you for that speech, you really put it down in words and I didn’t write it off, it fucked me up. I appreciate you guys. I hope you guys had fun. ok enough writing, here’s some pics(collected by various peeps)
(click on each image to enlarge the pic)

what a great night. god bless you all…

p.s. The Dauqs, I’m mad you didn’t kick everyone out the way and beat down them fools and push that old lady for the foul ball! you 6’6″! lol

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