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sorry, I thought I was gonna hit an island up in Asia this week, but a road block hit and had meetings and shit to do. So I’m takin light meetings, resting and of course working out in the gym, but I’m not in LA county until I get a green light, I need to wait and I’m @ someone else’s mercy. but at least we’re busy @ the shop. Twitter has really taken over certain parts of my life. lol. but it’s good because it’s another outlet to promote my business, myself and anything I desire, so it’s powerful. I just found out I’ll be @ HIN with my fam FarEastMovement and my lil homey YaBoy. it’s the 14th of March @ angels stadium! speaking of the baseball, thank god Manny signed finally, that son of a bitch. I’m thinking of hosting a Niketalk/L-R-G Dodger summit soon even though I haven’t visited NT in almost 2 weeks.

Sat down with my boy DJ SKEE today with my cousin to discuss a little biz and catch up. I’m proud he’s got big shit planned and we also will be working together on the new ENVY EXPO coming this summer. stay tuned because it will be WAAAY bigger than the last one 3 years ago.

I also sat down with a watch company for a collaboration. hmmmm, shits pretty fresh, I’ll throw peeks out and I have access to their watches now. Think BIG literally, think expensive too. I should have a teaser of the actual collab piece, but for now, here’s a teaser teaser:

oh and I’m finally gettin rid of the SRT8, it rained today, but I’ll take pics of it looking stock again… and I’m torn between either remixing the M5 super crazy, I mean stupid crazy complete change of the M for Mfest and Bimmerfest or maybe just gettin rid of it finally and gettin rid of everything and getting a P car. I really need to have a garage sale and get rid of mad gear, shoes and vinyl! fuck

shout out to my man Drizzy Drake who’s in LA, touched down for a second and is out back to tdot 2moro. whats good? u are a champagne sipper for real!

p.s. oh shit, I got some supras in the mail yesterday, I need to take pics and a surprise came today… I wonder what the hell it is. Also I got 2 people who said they have more surprises(maybe belated b-day gifts?) and I’m hoping they are _ _ @ _ _ _ _ _ _ ‘s.
also, tk & tila, I’m beating y’all down, lunch is owed!

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