2 “K”s for a KING!… and The Company Men…. True Grit

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definitely not 2 K’s for a lying ass coward repping a hood he never seen before.

now for positive energy…. one of the stereotypes(producers: Far East Movement, Justin Beiber, Travie McCoy) family members hit me up about some jewelry and he just had his 1st child; a son…. named Kingston, so he wanted that yellow gold KINGston style….
you know the rest… VS whites and set to perfection, this is not a dainty little piece even though it’s only 2″ tall, this piece is 14k and solid and heavy…. he made a smaller 1.3″ tall one for his wife too


we made the deadline…. this was done inside a week! but I forgot to do the most important part… which is laser the back with his son’s name on it…. and his birthdate

so off to get laser engraved!

and then….

not everything makes the blog for various reasons… but Chris, congrats on your child and thank you for your business!

as I was out of town during my bday…..
this was finished and the only shot I got was taken on my cousin’s iphone

not at all a small piece….. I like the sharper aston martin style wings too (I hope you clicked on the pic to see it bigger)

so like I said previously, I got a busy ass week ahead and I feel weird about blogging these days since the popularity has grown so much and keeps growing each day and week….. I got a text from a colleague(jason of BH) the other day who was in paris and ran into a high profile fashion designer who told him he reads my blog regularly…. crazy. bon jour and merci to paris/france!
so anyways, I want to get more to some old school stories on here that never made it to my blogs or myspace or etc…. and more of my feelings and things outside jewelry, because even though this is my/our site, it’s a lifestyle blog and I will be having random cameo bloggers hopefully soon post up blog entries on here…..

so with that said, let’s get to my movie reviews for the weekend since the Oscars are coming very soon.


damn…. after I read the description on this movie, I had to see it… I have too much concern about the economy and the recession(that still exists to so many today) so I had to watch it and I didn’t even see a preview… I just knew I’d like it, when others might not…. I won’t spoil it, but there are scenes that break shit down and let you see how real it is that these once yuppies, now grown men with college degrees are losing their jobs and not able to find new jobs and these are guys in their late 30’s to mid 50’s who’ve got mortgages and kids to worry about, but it just touched me differently from another hard luck story….. I take so much shit for granted and man…. I mean just going to the movies on a date at century city and then valet and dinner can run me $150 easily when you add concessions and stuff and I can do that daily like it’s nothing and that takes only 3 hours really…. when I’m already spending money in the daytime and other people are having a hard time getting their kids an Xbox or PS3 game console….. it’s always great to have a woman who is solid by your side who was with you not for the money even though it’s nice to have a cushion/nest egg and will stay by you and go out and help if you were ever laid off… well this movie gets a B in my book, but I feel it’s a must see for anyone on the grind. strictly to put a fire underneath your ass and make you realize that even though you got skills…. there are hundreds, thousands of others who are younger and hungrier ready to take your place. AND WILL WORK FOR LESS!

basically a film that shows corporate downsizing and how these men deal with it and how it affects their life, family and even their community. sometimes you might have to face hard reality and realize rapping or singing or playing a guitar isn’t for you anymore….. it’s not paying the bills and it IS tearing up your family… now I know everyone wants to live their dream and never give up, but that stubborn attitude has to see that thin fine line and wake up sometimes….. or have you and your family on the streets…. remember, someone has to take out the trash, not everyone can be a movie star… me first hand living in LA, I’ve seen broke cats become rich as fuck and others stand still and struggle and eventually fall off…. it’s a tough world. I wrote a tweet last night about all these teenagers and kids(yes kids who are in their early 20’s still living at home, not even making a living) with tattoos on their hands and neck and FACE… what the fuck are you going to do after this music shit doesn’t pan out? drug dealing doesn’t work out? neither have a 401k plan… I mean what are you going to do? GET RID OF THAT MICROWAVE ERA way of thinking! think bigger! live longer! you can still live in the moment, but stretch that shit out… everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame… while I’m trying to have 60+ years of LIFE!

I’m not a big fan of Ben Affleck, but he did his thing… even Kevin Costner playing in the extra cut side role was good and Tommy Lee Jones is always awesome.

The Company Men wasn’t up for an oscar, but I’ve seen almost everything else besides the king’s speech which I’ll see this week sometime….

in other news regarding the shitty economy…. last night….. Hong Kong company I.T. bought 90% of “A Bathing APE” for 2.8 million! 2.8! I coulda bought that for 2.8!!!!! smh, this company was around a 1/2 a billion dollar brand at one point in time! I mean damnnnnn! times are baddd, like bad bad!
read more about it on

now for the hyped up movie….


now, I’m not the biggest fan, but I am a FUCKING PRETTY BIG FAN OF THE COEN BROTHERS…. my brother forced me to watch Raising Arizona when I was in JR High and I’ve seen ALL their films… I even still quote lines from “The Big Lebowski” on the regular… but still was a little “eh I dunno about this one” from jump… then I saw the rotten tomatoes super high reviews and the hype and my friends talking and even my manager said, this is the shit! and said to myself… I guess I gotta see this sooner than later… but still I don’t know mane….

saw it Saturday Night and….

my opinion in short? Unforgiven and Tombstone were better movies… but actor for actor from True Grit was better than those other westerns. the acting was super on point and the lines/script were on point and the few really dry funny scenes were memorable and had me chuckling because they were so witty and fucking clever, but the overall story just didn’t have the umph… I kept waiting for the movie to jumpstart the fuck off! I was disappointed for sure, but I’ll give it a C+/B-
I can say this along with: Intolerable Cruelty, Ladykillers, Burn After Reading and maybe 1 other were my least favorite Coen bros films. I didn’t really enjoy this… but I liked the acting in this better than the movies above.
they said this was a gangster ass film! and that it was more action packed than Tombstone, etc… word? when? where? ok bye…. just my $29 opinion

P.S. I’ll have Brisk updates soon… just waiting on clearance! dope shit coming soon. I promise!

also got a nice gift coming from my big homey’s Eddie and James Bond over at UNDFTD very soon….
damn the NBA All Stars are here in LA in 2 weeks! gonna be crazy!
btw, I’ve decided to not go to Vegas this time for Magic/SLATE as I feel it’s just a waste of time and money and I rather spend that money on my champagne collection which I doubt I’ve ever finish or finish drinking… smh

alright, gotta head out and get these jewels out, orders in and then prep for a driving scene and run around town


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