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so the past few days have been less internet and phone and more work and time out….
but yesterday I had to catch up with my filthy KR3W!

did you think it was gonna be something else???
I hate washing dishes lol

so back to Icee Fresh business….

I’m finishing a nice small piece for a guy up in the Bay… some black diamond bracelets for someone in the midwest, a few watches for a friend in Canada, speaking of watches, I’m doing an iced out AP for a chinese poker player, Some more of the dog tags and again back to watches, I’m finishing the custom black diamond PVD LE Breitling for Apolo and lastly a nice new piece for me
I’ll try to have pics up for everyone…..

and now back to the kicks; everyone’s been asking me, “WHERE IS YOUR SUPRA SHOE?”
that’s a good question!
well I dropped the ball and sorta do when my business is doing well, my friends or colleagues may not hear from me during those times…

and recently it’s been like that, so I apologize to my fam at L-R-G and my fam at Platinum Motorsport…. and yesterday I wanted to discuss family values, strategy, new shit and much more with my kr3w at the fairly new Supra/KR3W LA headquarters….
we’re getting ready for the TK release party later today and he’ll also be filming for his TV show debuting on BET this fall! I’m hyped to see my fam all together as it’s been a long ass time!
so I sat down with Angel, the founder and owner of KR3W and Supra…. and chopped it up for a while about all the above…

one of Angel’s dope ass bikes….

this was on Angel’s desk…. so I took a few of course!

the Supra/KR3W LA headquarters is about 1.5 miles from my crib, so I coulda rode my bike or skated to the offices…. speaking of which, when I was headed there, I seen the homiez Dennis aka Dirt and Chad Muska rollin down 3rd street bout to get a bite to eat….
Besides catching up verbally, I wanted to grab some new samples and gear for Magic which is next week, so I was also catching up fashion wise….

I haven’t blogged a review or some Supra kicks in a while so my bad, but it’s all good and I got a much better idea of what collab I want to do now with where my style is now and such… the new fancy ass shit Supra’s putting out with the Cuttlers and Assaults and Pilots are crazy clean!
I’m gonna see what samples I can post if any, but I’ll have some pics regardless up tomorrow of the TK event.



naw, nope and not a chance….
it’s hip to be square these days!

So I get a call yesterday from my play auntie Darlene and her old friend Heidi is a producer over at Fox 11 News here in LA…. she’s produced some great things including a book on tupac and Ice-T and much more…. so she tells me that she’s looking for a jeweler, but not any jeweler, but one with character who will debate a Celebrity photographer/film-maker who is battling the war on blood diamonds. yup! I said it, the curse word in my field of business “blood diamonds” aka “conflict diamonds”…. I guess that jeweler would be me. And the last thing I cared about with being on the news was to promote my IF and Co business… I rather get my point across in the short amount of time I’m gonna be on air.

at first, I wasn’t interested at all and I pretty much declined the offer after discussing the topic over with my cousin…. but then I thought about it and I think since there is bad press being brought up again because of Naomi Campbells court incident and stuff that people are uneducated to what the big picture really is OUTSIDE Sierra Leone and that there are so many other areas to get your diamonds conflict free even in Africa, I decided to take the interview/debate on.
F.Y.I. WE HAVE STAYED CLEAR FROM AFRICA AND NOBODY I KNOW PERSONALLY IN MY BUSINESS HAS EVEN THOUGHT OF DOING BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE FROM THERE OR EVEN ARE 3 DEGREES OF SEPARATION AWAY FROM AFRICA…. (even though there are conflict free mines there, we just feel its best to stay away from there period, almost sort of like when the City of Dallas took Philadelphia cream cheese off the racks of the supermarkets when they were in the playoffs against years ago and the cream cheese isn’t even made in Philadelphia! it’s that serious, that extreme and that dramatic how much I want to stay the fuck away from that area)

so anyways, This guy who I’ll be debating with tonight “Michael Caulfield” is a photographer/filmmaker and activist against the war on conflict diamonds and Caulfield’s POV is to get kids out of mines and farm the lush African land to make money through agriculture. His feeling on conflict-free diamonds is it’s still not conflict-free if children are mining.

there was an amazing topic brought up on the Wall Street Journal blog which you can read here:

hmmmm, did you know there are many diamond mines outside of Africa? …. you can get great diamonds in Canada, Russia even here in North and South America, specifically the USA; how about all the diamonds we buy come from reputable diamond dealers in Israel or India. I’ve visited the mines in Israel when I started in the business…. but bottom line is this. NOBODY CAN BE 100% SURE WHERE THEIR DIAMONDS ARE ORIGINALLY FROM, AS DIAMONDS DO NOT HAVE GEOGRAPHICAL DNA! anyone who says they know for sure or preach that they are 100% sure are just desperate to get business and because the recession has hit our particular economy so bad, people are so thirsty, they’re willing to deal with the black market.

I definitely feel the issue at hand with the blood diamonds and know it’s a delicate topic and I understand this guy can only deal with 1 topic at a time, but peep game holmes…. this is my livelihood and there are ugly parts of every business in America. I don’t know a single person who supports that movement and I’m pretty sure that if they did at one time or the other, they definitely changed that route with some knowledge about what was going on out there asap!

Now how about the child labor horror stories and sweat shops with NIKE? or those same issues related to the clothes being sold at Wal-Mart….. Blood Shoes? Blood Clothes? we can go on forever about this. but of course, I’m going on the news tonight to debate the awful topic of Blood Diamonds.

I have no problem with this guy Caulfield for the record and I support most of what he believes in, but NOT entirely everything he believes in…. he made a beautiful 9 minute short movie about an experience he had with kids who work in the diamond mines and you can watch it here:

my issue is only to let the public know and of course this particular filmmaker that I am aware of the problems and that I do my best to take the most extreme precautions when doing business with diamonds to avoid any shady dealers or dealings period. I support, WE support conflict free diamonds and our clients know this and now you readers know this.

it’s kind of a fucked up situation where nobody wins and nobody wants to talk about it, but I can’t have people continue to bash people in my trade, especially my colleagues in the jewelry game.
at the end of the day, if you stopped the blood diamond trade completely, De Beers, Harry Winston, Graff and all these other huge diamond corps would still be getting money and still be rich.

It sucks that this fucky situation with Charles Taylor, Naomi Campbell and even worse, a charity for the great Nelson Mandela have brought up this topic again

I can’t save everyone, I can’t diffuse this completely, I just want to say my part on behalf of jewelers who are in it for the good.

everyone have a blessed day

or check my twitter feed for more details

always PEACE!

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