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there are a LOT of pics about to be shown and less writing on this one…. why? because I’m lazy and the pics have proper descriptions on them. I will say thank you to my chicago fam who held me down. the room was one of the nicest I’ve stayed in a very long time, so that’s saying some shit! not that a point and shoot can catch the essence of the suite I was in or the hotels swag, but you know I’m gonna post pics regardless…. the decor was ill, there were so many flat screens(they musta knew I was coming) and the city was cold as fuck! everyone but me was complaining lol.

got off the plane and my driver was there to get me, headed downtown and did some shopping and checked out a few spots around the city… one spot I liked was this spot called Jugrnaut…. stopped at Harold’s chicken of course… then finally checked into the hotel rooms and got right til the party

I’m so damn obsessed with Instagram right now! mann haha, check me out on there if you’re an iphone user


man property and rent is a lot cheaper in the Chi than it is in LA in general… makes me want to have a crib in las vegas, chitown and LA!

shout out to Jugrnaut Store for the False YSL sweatshirt… and the Jugrnaut new era fitted

speaking of swag….


LV right off the runway swag for my main man, the bday boy

get right….

and speaking of get right… the Sax Hotel is no joke, killed all the other hotels I’ve stayed in when staying in the 312…. although the Trump is maybe the illest, but this is one of the flyest


so we had the fridge loaded up with limited edition bottles of Dom P, PJ rose’, grey goose, tequila and beer…. so we got to drinking and smokin early… watched a few games and we were supposed to head out to this asian fusion restaurant, but couldn’t get it together, so room service was what happened…. the venue for the private bday affair was basically connected to the hotel. the Sax shared the same entrance/lot as the marina city towers and the house of blues….. the party was at the Foundation Room in the HOB….

so we walked over there deep and some drunk ass loser chick tried to start a fight with me… she was deep in her loser shit…. anyways we walk over to the VIP entrance and take the elevator to my boy’s shin dig

he invited 200 of his closest friends, so the party was closed to the public period… the bar was open the entire night and it was premium liquor from the get go….. he had 2 cases of PJ rose’ pre-ordered, so you know that pink champagne was flowing all night!

limited edition royal oak swag….

but who said you needed to have a good watch to have a good time?

we did bitches!!!! lol

yup, Sean Mac aka the MACnificent aka Chi-Town’s finest….. aka one of the hardest working DJ’s I know(he just dropped a new mixtape! I heard it’s fire… go google my guy and download that mixtape!) was rockin the tunes upstairs…
while DJ TimBuk2 was downstairs

yup, my boy had the LV cake with the PJ side cake lol….


this is my all time favorite champagne period point blank…. not a bad gift to give

everyone was having a cool time, I didn’t know too many peeps in there, maybe 15 or so at most, but I knew the DJ’s and I knew the man of the night and some of his friends, so I was just chatting it up with Nic for most of the night until….

DIPSET Jim Jones entered the building…..
now here’s the cold thing about that
nobody knew he was coming or a special guest who was going to perform for the night, but what most of everyone knew was that TMZ had reported that Jimmy got arrested earlier that morning in NYC for driving on a suspended license…. my boys weren’t stressing too tough, but it would suck since it was part of a plan… the homey John Monopoly got on the horn to make sure Jim got straight out of jail to La Guardia airport and direct to Midway and directly to the hotel then to the venue! I can’t believe my dude was in Jail for literally almost 12 hours and made it still to chicago to rock the party…….

and that’s exactly what Jim Jones did! btw, my homey Alex Thomas aka Tah Tah was the guest MC of the night too… fyi, me and Alex have been friends since were were 15 and 17, so that’s 23 years we been knowing each other…. and we always run into each other at the most random times, crazy to see each other come up


yo, Jimmy had maddd hitts! crazy catalog and this was for only around 80 heads at this point of the night…
when he performed “summer in miami” I lost it and got on stage! he went from OG DIPSET to salute to ballin’!!!!!! it was a good ass time and I have seen Jim Jones perform a few times, but I never seen dude this happy…. as soon as he got on stage, he got handed a cold bottle of PJ Rose’ and a few blunts with OG Kush in them…. he was good…. I told him, I’m coming to the dipset reunion on the 15th to fuck with them heavy!

then my boy lost his mind and got to the point of fadedness that we all reach on our birthday lol. he started goin HAM lol…. that was my cue to exit and head back to the room and turn on a movie

good night! haha

woke up the next morning and this was the answer….

Voss Water and TV…. chillin… I had to Instagram it

me and my boy and his homey’s had a good chat it up session… they broke down stories from real estate to Cook County Jail and then we got some food and chopped it up some more about local chitown legends and other shit until I had to get on a plane back to LA….

traffic was bad on the way to O’Hare, but nothing like LA traffic….

I business classed my ass all the way home and
right off the plane at LAX direct to the Valet and then direct to the Wing Stop in Ladera Heights to see my Lakeshow do their thing!
Lemon Pepper with Kola Champagne? are you kidding me? I was happy!
and then motherfuckers started to fight at Staples center? lol
shout out to Buffalo Joes in Chicago…. gotta try the suicide sauce!


so Friday, I went to the store to handle some biz….. and take some pics of a few things….


custom made 1 of 1 Icee Fresh yellow gold link chain…. made for who? for anyone who wants to buy it… it’s chilling at the store now.

I had to put in a few orders and start on some molds and check on money may’s nephews pieces and a few other things…. then we took in a trade…
do you remember when this was the flyest thing out?


a fully iced out Jacob and Co. world is mine watch?
shit this thing used to sell for around $35,000 to $50,000 easy back in the day….
you can cop this watch from us for WAAAAAAY less than that! holla

later on, me and Nic decided to do some shopping at the Century City mall and get a quick bite and then check out Insidious which I thought looked scary as shit…. the movie def shook up some cats in the theater lol EARLY! I mean some gay dudes in front of us jumped out of their seats…. it was entertaining… I give it a B-

drove home in our hybrid swag and then it was Nicolettes Birthday…..

Saturday, woke up and Nic wanted to drive all the way to Arcadia to check out the Food Truck Festival and I was totally down… we went with Nic’s brother and his girlfriend….
we got there around 12 noon and it was packed, not crazy packed since the place was huge… it was held at the Santa Anita Race Track and on a race track day, so you had families chillin enjoying a nice day and then you had degenerate gambler scumbags not having it! lol…. man, fyi, when I was in high school, I was kicked out for having a severe gambling problem…. I used to stay at Hollywood Race Track and Santa Anita park too, so it brought back some memories for me and it had been around 20 years since I’ve been back to Santa Anita….

now this is the problem….. the idea of the Food Truck Festival was awesome, but too fucking many people showed up… by the time we got food from 1 truck, there was a line of 100 to 200 people waiting for the popular trucks. thats like 2 + hours of waiting!!!!!! fuck that… the grilled cheese truck had a 2 hour wait, I mean it really sucked and the lines took forever….. there was 80 trucks of damn near every kind of food you could want, but it was just too crowded and not enough seating


the last 2 pics are of the Grilled Cheese Truck line smh

I got a damn good pork Banh Mi’ from the Nom Nom truck and then got some great cheese fries with nacho and shredded cheese with jalapenos on the side…. got the beef steak quesadilla from White Rabbit… shout out to BRISK and their sponsored trucks (white rabbit)
I wanted to say what up to Chef Ludo and a few other people who I know that owned trucks, but they weren’t there…. the horse racing was cool and I felt so weird being at another event while that was going on that, I didn’t even get to pick up a Race Digest and get to handicapping some ponies….


anyways, it got even more crowded and I got irritated so we left back home….

it was cool to drive the prius on the freeway finally…. it’s mandatory that you use the power button for the freeway and its not a bad drive at all…. we’ve had the car for over a week now and 200 miles have been put on and there is still more than 1/2 a tank left.

took a quick nap at the trap and then got ready for a nice dinner at the Polo Lounge…. for Nic’s bday

sprite and don julio silver for me…. pinot grigio for her

polo lounge is the shit for lunch…. but it gets really powerful for a weekend dinner; they get all fancified lol

the veal with the mozzarella gnochi was off the chains, nic got the scallops, but no pics of that because I felt bad for taking pics of the food…. her mushroom rissotto was soo good too.


I wasn’t mad at the night at all…. it was very relaxed on some grown up shit…

btw, if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on dinner and things, then the Polo Lounge is definitely not the place you want to take a date or your girl…. a bottle water of Fiji is $15 lol. but you’re paying for the atmosphere


started out wrong….. Lakers lost a bullshit ass game and that ruined my day pretty much
I gotta get it in here today at the store and then head back home to cut my wig and shave and head out to Seattle for a few days, then back in LV with Money Mayweather….

stay tuned.
stay blessed


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