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so I guess I added another new 1000% on the wall and it’s been a while, but 2 in a week!

this one came from SURU LA on Melrose, thanks Noel & Joe!

15 year anniversary edition…. don’t know how many were made, just knew I had to get it….

wall looks sorta different. (not that you would be able to tell lol)

where’s waldo?


the only other 1000%’s that I know are coming out this year are the Darren Romanelli and Charlie Brown… I have to make a new wall now that I have 4 other ones just chilling in random spots in my place smh


so the weekend was very chill. I had a LOT of orders in progress and orders that were delivered, but most of them were things you have seen before. prong set bracelets, stud chains, jesus pieces…..

but all that’s on my mind is making sure my lil guy Justin Bieber’s grills are immaculate!

we’re setting VVS diamonds into his grill and that’s something we’ve never done before in the past for anyone…. NOBODY! there’s guys in the south who specialize in grills, no doubt. but 7k gold isn’t even legally gold smh! and i6 clarity aren’t diamonds! also, we made Justin’s grills in 14k gold which is rare too these days……

another trade in….
early 2003 model president Rolex Day Date (18k gold)

I wish it was a day date II, but all good…. this will sell for sure. anything gold rolex is hot like an french fries right about now!

other than that, started finally watching 24! watched an entire season…. chilled indoors with AC pumpin…. ate good, slept good…. watched a couple movies, nothing special….

shout out to my friend Michelle… happy birthday!

we all got it in with some Korean BBQ and a LOT of Soju!!!!!

mad love

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