1000% Be@rbrick exhibition at Guy Hepner gallery

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so as you may or may not know (now you do or will) these 40 very rare 1000% be@rbrick vinyl toy figures are currently on display at
Guy Hepner gallery located at:
300 N Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90048
(310) 979 – 0011

only the most serious inquiries can be answered at INFO@GUYHEPNER.COM
do some reasearch before you do anything else… this is not for everyone, it took me more than 8 years to acquire all of this and pieces were copped in paris, canada, london, new york, hong kong and tokyo… to not have to worry about shipping other than a local courier, I have the boxes for 98% of all of these still. just know what these are all worth together, not individually. but the last time I saw the Chanel 1000% sell outside ebay was on Christies & Phillips de Pury auction blocks for over $10,000 alone. so shit is no joke.

the big event will be on March 22nd (thursday) between 8 to 10pm (cocktails to be served and hosted by Heineken) and the guest list will be strict so go to to find out how to rsvp.

may the best man win…. I’m not new to big auctions
remember I still hold down the throne.


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