10 year anniversary L-R-G Casio Frogman

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congrats on 10 years to my entire L-R-G fam, your accessory line is INSANE! I can’t wait to post some pics of the laptop cases, duffle bags, backpacks, media/pda cases, etc… the whole line is outta control! the new watch line is dope too! but I’m loving these 3 new g-shock’s! the blue one I know is gone, but these 2 new ones dropping are dope! especially since I love this new Frogman! This one particularly was given to my cousin Steve from Jonas… I know Steve will ice it out instead of letting it rock normal…
(there’s a yellow 6900 dropping soon too, I’ll post the pics when I get it)
meanwhile you know the drill

their presentation is always so ill when doin a collab with anyone.
much love to my lifted fam

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