1 MORE LEFT!!!!!!!

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FINALLY I AM ON THE LATEST WP! FINALLY, MY THUMBNAILS WORK CORRECTLY!!!! still workin on a few bugs, but we’re rollin! (thanks Chris)

So we have sold out of our entire Black Silver PVD Black Diamond collection! over 400 pieces in less than a week and the most sought after piece was this little black cross that is 2″ tall and is just under 4 carats in black diamonds set into sterling silver with black pvd… we received over 500 emails for this particular cross alone! but I never posted a matching beaded chain because we sold out of it; WELL, SEEMS AS IF AFTER DIGGING THROUGH OUR FRONT STORE, we found a black diamond beaded silver pvd chain!!!!!! THE LAST ONE THAT FITS THIS CROSS! AND IT’S THE LAST CROSS LEFT!

We will be making more of this Black Silver Jewelry, but never in 5 years have I seen jewelry sell this fast and this well…. inquire fast because again, this is the last set up.

 here’s some more pics… 

black beaded silver necklace with 6 carats total of black diamonds (iced out every 4th bead)

hurry up y’all…. I know there’s a lot of people who called and emailed us about this set up, it’s a little bit more than the regular beaded chain, but cmon…. it’s got diamonds on it!

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